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AVERY HEVERLY/THE EXPRESS Gage Scanlan poses for a photo with his horse Toby. Together they won the Musical Bags event.

MACKEYVILLE — The 49th Annual Clinton County Fair has begun and many exciting events are expected to take place throughout the week…so stay tuned!

On Monday, August 1st, children and spectators alike gathered at the Clinton County Fairgrounds upper horse ring for the Youth Horseback Games.

With the COVID-19 pandemic delaying some of the fair’s traditional events over the past few years, the children attending the Youth Horseback Games are back in the saddle this year and more excited than ever!

The Youth Horseback Games welcomes both 4-H kids and non-4-H kids and is perfect for new riders who want to experience what a gaming show is like.

The Youth Horseback Games consist of various equestrian events that will delight everyone; regardless of whether you sit in the stands and watch or compete yourself.

AVERY HEVERLY/THE EXPRESS Lennon Hanna reaches for a mailbox at the Youth Horseback Games.

This year, a handful of children of all ability levels competed in the games.

Some of the events in this year’s games were Egg and Spoon, where riders ride around trying to balance a raw egg on a spoon without dropping it; game bags, just like game chairs, but on horses; Speed ​​Trail, an obstacle course that riders try to complete in the shortest amount of time; and Bobbing for Apples, where riders head to an area to bobble apples.

Karli Jo Mantle, first-time rider at the Youth Horseback Games, expressed how happy she is to compete in the games this year.

“It’s my freshman year and I’m having a lot of fun…although I’m not very good at the games.” she explained laughing.

When it came to the games, Mantle had a favorite, albeit one off.

AVERY HEVERLY/THE EXPRESS Karli Jo Mantle is pictured on horseback.

“Definitely not playing with eggs and spoons”, She said.

Mantle and her horse Jake concluded their events for the remainder of the week with grace and plenty of excitement.

“I am looking forward to the horse show on Friday. It will be great,” said Coat.

Gage Scanlan, winner of the Musical Bags event, who took the win on his horse Toby, said he really enjoys attending events like this.

“They are a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing events like this.” said Scanlan.

AVERY HEVERLY/THE EXPRESS Sawyer Hanna is pictured on horseback.

Clinton County Fair attendant and attendee Tessa Bitner expressed the importance of the Youth Horseback Games to the fair.

“The games are a great way to introduce the kids to what a gaming show is really like. You can try it here and everyone seems to be really enjoying it.” She said.

The Open Gaming Horse Show takes place on Friday evening at 6pm. This event is always expected to draw the most crowds, so make sure you have a fast-paced, mind-blowing night.

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