XSEED Games Releases Special 2022 Recap Video


XSEED Games has decided to mark the end of the year by releasing a brand new video showcasing the highlights of their work in 2022. It’s an interesting prospect to post a video like this, which basically promotes all the games you’ve released over the past calendar year, along with the message they sent, which we have for you below. Without being too cynical about it all, this is a huge endorsement for their games in case you still have Christmas shopping to do and are looking for a video game to buy and don’t have any immediate titles in mind. But it’s not just advertising what’s coming out now as they also included some information on what they plan to release in 2023 with some of the games they’re excited about. Enjoy the video below as we say, “Well done XSEED!”

XSEED Games is releasing a special 2022 recap video
Photo credit: XSEED Games

“In 2022, XSEED Games released fan-favorite titles across all platforms, starting with RPG simulation titles Rune factory 5which gives the genre an action-packed touch, through to indie titles Potionomics, the deal-making management sim from Voracious Games that has captured the hearts of gamers everywhere on PC. Fans of more action-oriented titles got new editions of hack-and-slash action-adventure titles No more heroes 3Packed with tropes and jokes from the head of SUDA51 and the brand new genre-bending zombie game dead craft. XSEED Games has a lot in store for 2023 and has also teased forth upcoming announced titles including 8-bit era inspired indie, Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memoriestime travel RPG, Loop8: Summer of the GodsCo-op adventure title from developer FuRyu Trinity triggerand the recently announced ones Akiba’s Journey: Undead & Undressed Director’s Cut, which takes players into the dark underbelly of Akihabara in a vampire-slaying RPG. The publisher will share more information on upcoming titles, as well as more brand new reveals, in early 2023.”

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