XSEED Games Introduces Loop8: Summer Of Gods Protagonist

Novus “Nini” Nemo explores rural Ashihara and makes friends. He will save the world or try again.

the official twitter account from publisher XSEED Games has released a bio introducing the main character of Marvelous’ upcoming game Loop8: Summer Of Gods. First announced last year for multiple platforms, Loop8: Summer of Gods will be a coming-of-age adventure game set in the small Japanese town of Ashihara in August 1983, a time when the game’s world marks the end of the world is reached the world is imminent.

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According to the character bio, players will step into the standard school shoes of newcomer Novus “Nini” Nemo (known as Taichiro Oyama in the Japanese version). When the spaceship that Nini once called home comes under a devastating attack by enemy forces known as the Kegai, Nini must be evacuated to the rural community of Ashihara in Japan, one of the last remaining safe havens for human life on Earth.


With Nini’s latent demon vision power allowing him to see what no one else can, players can replay the month of August 1983 as many times as needed to defeat the ever-growing Kegai threat to humanity. When Nini doesn’t return through the eighth month of the year, he’ll be exploring rural Ashihara and forging friendships with its residents who range from fellow high schoolers to echoes of the past. In addition to turn-based combat and multiple endings, Loop8: Summer Of Gods will feature a unique “emotion-driven AI system” that will adjust characters’ emotions and storylines in response to the player’s choices as Nini.

With game design by Touken Ranbu’s Yuri Shibamura and music by Ace Attorney’s composer Noriyuki Iwadare, Loop8: Summer Of Gods will be released on March 16th this year for multiple platforms in Japan. The date of the English release, which is also planned for this year, has yet to be announced.

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