Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Adds 2 New Games Today, Including Day One Release

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service is updating its selection of games, adding two titles to the mix, including a brand new day one release.

Those subscribed to the highest level of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service now offers two more games to try out. This includes a title added via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s EA Play integration, as well as a brand new day-one release available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers, regardless of which version of the service they sign up for have registered.

For the uninitiated, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines all Game Pass benefits into a single bundle that gives subscribers access to all games available on consoles and PC. It also offers all the perks of an Xbox Live Gold subscriber plus there are even more perks to consider. A major benefit of being an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber is access to the EA Play game library, which regularly adds new titles.


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The latest title added to EA Play and therefore playable at no additional cost for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers is Battlefield 2042. The highly controversial first-person shooter, which debuted last year, had mostly negative reviews, but EA and DICE have made a concerted effort to improve the experience based on fan feedback. Battlefield 2042 Updates have been released frequently since the game’s disastrous launch, and now Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can decide for themselves if the changes are enough to redeem them.

New Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games today

Gungrave GORE gun barrels

  • Battlefield 2042 (EA Play)
  • Gungrave GORE

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, as well as vanilla Game Pass or PC Game Pass subscribers, can also check out Gungrave GORE From today. Gungrave GORE is a third-person shooter game and the third main series entry in the Gungrave Series that started back in 2002 on the PlayStation 2. The original Gungrave was followed up Gungrave: Overdose In 2004, however, the series rested until the VR prologue Gungrave GORE, Gungrave VRlaunched in Japan in 2017. Gungrave GORE Reviews have been pretty mixed so far, but anyone who’s curious can play it through in full via Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look forward to some new games before November. Uprising: Sandstorm joins the Game Pass lineup on November 29, along with the first game football history. Then, on November 30th, PC Game Pass users will be able to check out Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. A console version of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is also in the works for Game Pass, but the release date has been pushed back indefinitely.

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