Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Lineup Adds 7 Games

Xbox has revealed the list of games coming to Game Pass in the first half of August. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can try seven new games over the next two weeks, including two day one releases and a massive AAA game available now.

leading is Ghost Recon Wildlands, available today for Xbox, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Ghost Recon Wildlands is a cooperative third-person shooter set in a huge open world. Set in Bolivia, Wildlands focuses on a battle between US special forces and a drug cartel that threatens to dismantle the country. Wildlands, originally released in 2017, was the first open-world Ghost Recon game. It’s a lot better than its sequel, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and worth checking out if you’re looking for a squad-based shooter to play with friends.

Currently running: Two Point Campus | developer vision

Beginning August 4th, subscribers can claim Shenzhen I/O and Turbo Golf Race. Shenzhen I/O is a pure PC puzzle game inspired by real engineering. This deep logic game challenges you to build circuits and write code. Meanwhile, Turbo Golf Racing is a day-one game pass release. You could call it a Rocket League with golf instead of soccer. Up to eight players compete in arcade races as they ram giant golf balls down the lanes.

The second day-one release is Two point campuswhich will be released on August 9th. The sequel to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus is a simulation game about building and running a school.

A trio of titles are coming to Game Pass on August 11th. cooking simulator is a realistic cooking game with a physics system inspired by real cooking. The final two games for the first half of August are PC Game Pass-only titles: Expeditions: Rome and Offworld trading company. Expeditions: Rome is a turn-based RPG set in ancient Rome, and Offworld Trading Company is a great real-time strategy game set on Mars.

August 2022 Xbox Game Pass (first half)

August 2nd

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands (Console, Cloud, PC)

4th of August

  • Shenzhen I/O (PC)
  • Turbo Golf Racing (Xbox Series X|S, Cloud, PC)

August 9th

  • Two Point Campus (Console, Cloud, PC)

August 11th

  • Cooking Simulator (Console, Cloud, PC)
  • Expeditions: Rome (PC)
  • Offworld Trading Company (PC)

Additions to the Game Pass lineup outweigh the distances in the first half of the month, but five games remain as of August 15:

  • friend dungeon
  • curse of the dead gods
  • Library of Ruina
  • Star Mage
  • Train simulation world 2

As usual, there are updates to existing games and new Game Pass Ultimate perks to look forward to. The first episode of Citizen Sleeper, Flux, is available now. Sniper Elite 5 has a new mission called Landing Force which is also available now. Sea of ​​Thieves fans can dive into Season 7 starting August 4th. New content drops for Fall Guys, Skate 3, and The Elder Scrolls Online will be available as Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

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