Xbox Announces 16 More Games Now Officially Supported On Steam Deck

Xbox announces 16 more games now officially supported on Steam Deck

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that various Xbox games had been classified as either “verified” or “playable” on Valve’s new Steam Deck device, and now another 16 games have been officially added to the list.

Not all of these are necessarily new to the Steam Deck, as the latest roundup includes all the titles that have been added since the April update, but it’s still good to see Xbox still supporting the excellent new handheld.

Without further ado, here’s the list of “verified” and “playable” new Xbox titles:



In addition to these “verified” and “playable” Steam Deck games, Microsoft and Valve also partnered to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to the device earlier this year, which is currently the only way to play Xbox Game Pass games on it .

We hope the next step is for Xbox Game Pass games to be available natively on Steam Deck in 2023 without having to traverse the cloud. In fact, we’d love to see Valve bring Xbox Game Pass to Steam itself next year!