Wobbly Bobby: Offering drinks and games for a fun night

Wobbly Bobby

Located in downtown Rapid City, Wobbly Bobby is a pub where everyone can get together.

With 48 different beers on tap, including many local favourites, the drinks menu offers an excellent selection of whiskey, scotch, bourbons and co Specialized cocktail menu.

Check out what Wobbly Bobby has to offer!

Wobbly Bobby 4The atmosphere of Wobbly Bobby is like an old world style pub Mahogany wood throughout. Great for gatherings, people can use the space to chat, business meetings early in the day or on site Students can come in and do their homework in a quiet little booth and have a few drinks.

A staple of Wobbly Bobby is the free popcorn that is available to customers and is made fresh daily. They also have a special on Tuesdays called 2 for 1 Tuesday where you buy a beer and get one free.

The pub is open Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to midnight, but can stay open past midnight if it is busy at that time. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Games & trivia

Wobbly Bobby has many different types of games to play with Thursday is their designated game day when people come in, they play board games, card games and various types of card trading games.

This summer, Wobbly is getting Bobby Cornhole and giant jenga for your outdoor area.

Every Wednesday from 6pm to 8pm is quiz night and they bring in quite a large crowd.

Visit Wobbly Bobby’s website for more information.