Where could Browns’ matchup with Saints rank among coldest home games in franchise history?

The top spot against Oakland was a playoff game, which would mean the Browns-Saints game would be the third coldest regular-season home game in franchise history. It would also be the coldest game ever played at FirstEnergy Stadium if the prognosis is correct.

The actual perceived temperature will of course feel much colder than the actual temperature due to strong winds. With wind speeds of around 30mph and gusts of up to 60mph, the actual perceived temperature could be closer to -20. There is also about a 30 percent chance of snow.

The Browns have insisted all week that no matter what the weather feels like, they will be ready.

“That’s what’s great about our league, there are games that you can play in different conditions,” said head coach Kevin Stefanski. “Sometimes you play and it’s really hot. Sometimes you play and it’s windy and it’s really cold or whatever. The truth is that the conditions will be exactly the same for both teams, so it will be about who executes and who.” does her job.”