What are the worst games played in NFL history?

TThe National Football League (NFL) is America’s pride. The NFL is not only the wealthiest sports league in America but in the entire world, in fact tickets to their flagship Super Bowl game could cost anywhere from $6,600 to a staggering $75,000 for the VVIP experience.

Given its fast fan base and exorbitant ticket prices, the NFL usually puts on a spectacle for its fans. However, like any other sport, certain games are better than others and while fans typically expect to be seated on the edge of their seats, some games don’t live up to the hype.

The following is a list of three games that are arguably the worst NFL games in history.

Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns

The title of the NFL’s most boring game has to go to the 2009 contest with the bills and the Brown. Both teams started the game with a 1:4 defeat.

The game turned out to be bulging and slow with the Brown eventually win 6-3.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Philadelphia Eagles

2008 the Bengal hit the Eagle in a close second place for the title of worst game in NFL history. The game ended after four hours with a 13-team draw.

The tie helped with that Eagle what’s more, the overall quality of the game was abysmal.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Miami Dolphins

From the start, this game was destined to be a literal wash. That dolphins went into play with a 10-0 record, the field was a mess made worse by the rains that hit throughout the day and the icing on the cake was the fact that the game was postponed 25 minutes after a thunderstorm .

That Steeler eventually prevailed 3-0 and the fans of both teams were spared the prospect of extra time.