Underrated Nintendo Switch Stealth Games

Nintendo as a company has too many franchises to count, spanning all genres. They’ve got a lot of platformers under their belt, like out of the Mario Series. The Legend of Zelda series are their open-world action-adventure games. That Pokemon Series is their big RPG brand. splatoon is their multiplayer shooter franchise and the list goes on.

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However, one of the genres where Nintendo doesn’t have a foot in the door is stealth. There are stealth elements in some of their games such as: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Wakerbut they don’t have a huge brand associated with a stealth franchise like metal gears. This is where the third-party developers come into play. Which of the lesser-known stealth games on Switch are worth your time?


8/8 Foreigners: Isolation

Foreigners: Isolation is a game that debuted in 2014 for the PS4 and related generation of consoles. One of the strangest choices was the Switch, a system not known for its graphical prowess. This may be why many gamers skipped this port on the Switch when it came out maybe a little late in 2019. However, it is one of the more enjoyable platforms to play it on, as it includes several changes and patches from the original. However you play this game, you should do it because it is the best game based on this iconic film series.

7/8 Little nightmares

Little nightmares is a horror-based stealth platformer that can stitch together a whole host of genres. Players start out as a small child in a yellow raincoat trying to run away from horrifying nightmares that are either trying to eat or kill them. Somehow the genre splicing worked, although it didn’t get as much attention as it could have. However, the reviews were good and there was even a sequel that Koop added to further improve the gameplay. Both games are worth the time for fans of either of these genres.

6/8 Monaco: What’s yours is mine

Monaco: What’s yours is mine first debuted exclusively for PC audiences in 2013. It was only released for the Switch in 2019 and has yet to be ported to another console. It’s also a shame as this is a great cooperative heist game.

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The characters and color scheme make it look similar Between us. Players choose a class, and each has unique abilities that can aid in operations. It’s a great time with friends or strangers for those who are itching to get a fun bank job while they wait grand theft auto 6.

5/8 party hard

party hard is a stealth game set in a variety of parties, from home invasions to clubs. The aesthetic and playful loop is not far from it hit man combined with Hotline Miami. The goal can vary between missions, from eliminating specific characters on a map to killing as many people as possible in specific ways to build up a better score. The ultimate goal is to avoid getting caught, which is difficult considering there are so many people around. It and its sequel are worth tracking down for a smaller Hitman-like experience.

4/8 republic

republic is one of the most unique stealth games out there, as players don’t directly control the main character, Hope. Instead, players guide Hope through a series of mazes to help her escape a life of captivity. You can watch them through cameras and interact with certain things to set traps. It’s a bit like Watch Dogs if only players could control the technology. Not being able to control Hope directly is power republic one of the harder stealth games of the last decade.

3/8 Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 isn’t the latest release in the series, but it’s one of the better entries to come on Switch. As the name suggests, this is primarily a sniper game set in World War II. Players begin missions by building a business and taking out one Nazi at a time.

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Players can move freely to get better positions as well. You can attack the enemy head-on, but it’s better to take out enemies from afar or stealthily from behind.

UnMetal is like a parody of the metal gears franchises, particularly the NES era. The mechanics are similar in that the main character, Jesse Fox, doesn’t have much flexibility aside from the gadgets he unlocks. The game revolves around Fox summarizing a mission he was on and being an unreliable narrator. This means scenes can change on the fly, creating another unique stealth experience on Switch that’s second to none. The concept was better than the gameplay, but check it out for a cheap deal.

1/8 Untitled goose game

Untitled goose game is an odd title for a game, and an odd concept for one at that. Players are a goose trying to wreak havoc wherever they feel like it. Each area has a set of objectives to help this ridiculous bird get to the next area. In one of the earlier areas, players try to steal keys from a gardener. In order to be successful, players must use stealth and diversionary techniques to get hold of these keys. It’s a wild ride and it’s even more fun now that they’ve added co-op to the chaos.

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