Top 5 PC Games to Gift Gamers in the Holiday Season

This article lists the best PC gaming deals this holiday season for your beloved gamer friends and family to enjoy the season.

The holiday season is in full swing, which means more gaming discounts than ever. We bring you this list to help you decide what to buy for your family or yourself. There are many offers, but some deals are difficult to pass on. Let’s take a look.

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The best PC games to get your Christmas spirit going

#5 – God of War

Watching the relationship between the father Kratos and the son Atreus in this game is something that everyone must experience. Released this year for PC, this game has again broken sales records for its spectacle and its improved graphics capacity. The story is beautiful, the gameplay is seamless, and the characters are buggy, which makes them likable. A classic.

#4 – Ghostwire Tokyo

God of War is an obvious choice. However, buy this game if you’re a Demon Slayer fan or want Avatar-like powers. It puts you in the place of Akito, whose sister has been captured by demons, and he enlists the help of KK, who exorcises her. The gameplay allows you to capture spirits and use wind, fire and water magic to defeat demons. Not to mention that Japan is a beauty, a true spectacle.

#3 – Persona 5/ Marvel’s Midnight Suns/ Sims 4

We wanted to give you multiple options for these as the last two tips are a must. You can’t go wrong with these three games, as Persona 5 has unique characters, Midnight Suns is a breath of fresh air for Marvel fans, and Sims 4 is simply an all-time classic. Choose what you like based on genre or gameplay.

#2 – Elden Ring

Elden Ring is game of the year. The open world is beautiful, the gameplay is enticing, and there’s great multiplayer. What else would you like? This choice is a versatile choice to gift any player with this holiday season.

#1 – Xbox Game Pass

What’s better than a game? A whole range of games can be downloaded whenever someone wants to play them. Xbox Game Pass is a versatile choice for someone who can’t decide what to buy. There are many likable games in its catalog including A Plague Tale, Dishonored, Fifa Games, Halo, Gears of War, Wolfenstein and Haven. More games = more fun. In addition, it is very cheap.

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