Things Dead Space 3 Does Better Than The Other Games In EA’s Series

Before restarting dead spacethe franchise finally said goodbye dead space 3. The game was considered controversial for its co-op and action elements. The title has ditched its more isolated horror roots for a more weaponized experience, but it doesn’t dead space 3 a bad game.

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There are many things that dead space3 works better than the other games in the dead space series of EA. The third game in the franchise takes Isaac Clarke and Sgt. John Carver to a planet called Tau Volantis to deal with a Necromorph outbreak.


6/6 co-op experience

Isaac Clarke and Carver

dead space 3 Maybe not the scariest entry in the series, but it can certainly be the most fun with a friend. players can enjoy dead space 3 as a co-op experience where one player takes on the role of Isaac Clarke and the other takes on the role of John Carver. Co-op can open up new missions, character development and intrigue.

Not only is there more content for those who play cooperatively, but the game is immensely more fun. Players can experience the chills and thrills together and take on the Necromoprh hordes as a duo, meaning there’s plenty of stomping and fiddling to do as they try to save the world.

5/6 side missions

Isaac Clarke in space

The first two dead space Titles had a central focus on a linear storyline. Players would aim to survive and navigate their way to the end. dead space 3 gives players more freedom to explore, especially in the space area of ​​the game where side missions seem to be plentiful.

There are loads of side missions dead space3 which further increase the gaming experience. Some of these missions can be missed, some are locked behind co-op, and others are extremely fun. They’re worth investing in to see the lore, loot, and potential horror that lies ahead.

4/6 Deeper Lore

Isaac Clarke fights Alien Necromorph

There is always a deeper mystery lurking within dead space Title. The Necromoprhs, the Markers, all matter of being, it’s something that’s hinted at but never fully explored. That was until dead space 3. The game teased the origins of the Markers, the first of the Necromorphs, and the harsh reality of their purpose.

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There is a much deeper reading into the lore of dead space3 than the previous games as the characters believe they have found the source of all Necromoprhs, the planet known as Taus Volantis. It may be a freezing cold wasteland, but you’re sure to find answers in this strange new world.

3/6 weapon manufacture

Bolas Gun Dead Space 3

Finding weapons is a thing of the past because when it comes dead space 3, players are responsible for their weapons. The game has crafting benches and materials that can be used to craft ammo and weapons. Whether it’s DLC, blueprints, or just the gun as the player joins in.

There is almost unlimited potential in what type of weapons players can craft. You can have a double shotgun, a flamethrower, and a plasma cutter that fires like a machine gun. The choice is entirely in the hands of the player. It makes combat a lot more fun and experimental as it leaves the player up to how they choose their weapons and what upgrades and accessories they deploy.

2/6 RIG outfits

Isaac Clarke in a rig outfit

Third-person games always open the player up to the idea of ​​customization. Players enjoy seeing how far they and their character have come on this journey together, and dead space 3 allows for a greater choice of just that. There are many RIG stations dead space 3and in addition to the visual upgrades with each stat increase, players can choose from a wide variety of armor they’ve unlocked or purchased.

Various RIG suits can be obtained through side missions, exploration, DLC, or simply by playing through the story. Both Isaac Clarke and John Carver have their outfits to set them apart, but the fact that players can choose their preferred attire means they can not only slay Necromoprhs in style but also add flair to their character.

1/6 DLC Cliffhanger

Dead Space 3 Awakening Ending Cliffhanger

That dead space 3 ending left a lot to be desired. It wasn’t a satisfying ending to the series, especially with that dead space 3 Post credits tease. However, the game was the first in the series to receive story DLC, an add-on that passed dead space 3‘s story into an epilogue, or a foretaste of what is to come for an unreleased dead space 4.

This DLC was called awakened and saw the series return to its horror roots. The DLC was scary, with hallucinations and tied cult extremists. The DLC also did something the games hadn’t done before, which was exiting the franchise with an ultimate twist that John Carver and Isaac Clarke had guided the Markers home to Earth. Here the game ends, and dead space 4 seems unlikely forever. Perhaps the fate of these characters will change depending on the direction of the franchise after that dead space reboot.

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