These Are the 10 Most Overrated Racing Games Ever

1. Forza Horizon 4 (2018)

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Forza Horizon is usually mentioned in discussions about overrated racing games, and it’s not hard to see why. The series is hugely successful and is by far the most popular mainstream racing game of the last 10 years. Like clockwork, a new game comes out every two or three years, a testament to Playground Games’ work ethic. While the locale changes with each episode, many other factors – the vehicle roster and assets, the physics, the go-anywhere structure of the campaign, and even more detailed things like vehicle customization and livery editing – rarely do. And yet, the Metacritical scores are always, always through the roof.

But I didn’t just want to insult an entire series here, because Forza Horizon doesn’t deserve that; There’s a reason these games are so popular and why we all still cringe every time a new one comes out, regardless of our concerns about the franchise’s past. ForzaHorizon 5 I’ve actually made significant changes to the game’s physics engine, so I’ll skip the mention here and save my index finger for 2018 ForzaHorizon 4.

Personally, I felt that the fatigue really set in here. Recreating the changing of the seasons was a nice gimmick, but hosting the game in the UK wasn’t the most exciting choice. The usual complaints about over-familiar content and long-standing feature deficits applied, but the frivolous nature of event payouts and wheelspin frequency took on truly ridiculous proportions FH4, making the entire career feel meaningless and curbing any pride in progress. This series needs rethinking, but being such a cash cow, it’s hard to imagine Playground flipping the script with the inevitable ForzaHorizon 6.

There you are – 10 Overrated Racing Games. What do you think of this list? Which titles shouldn’t have made it? What did it deserve instead? Let us know in the comments.