The Sci-Fi Games Inspired By Star Trek

star trekis one of the mainstays of nerd fandom and pop culture to this day. During series like war of stars Concentrating on the action and fantasy elements of science fiction, star trek has captured the minds of his fans with his intellectual and intellectual take on interstellar space travel and the human condition.

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Since star trek has been around for decades, inspiring several generations in their own creative endeavors. Video games are no different, and there are plenty of sci-fi and space games that have some connection star trek.


8/8 astronomer

Discovery and exploration in relation to science fiction feels a lot more star trek as war of stars, and there is a reason for that. The latter focused on providing a fantasy sci-fi world, while the former is more rooted in the realistic and scientifically accurate (for the most part) aspects of sci-fi.

This means that exploring new planets, solar systems, and galaxies leading to discovery goes back to a gaming experience in a way star trek astronomer is a 2019 indie game from developer System Era Softworks that puts players in the role of an astronaut trying to terraform a planet and create a base in a wonderfully inviting sandbox adventure game.

7/8 Stellaris

Well, 4x strategy games aren’t necessarily the genre for everyone, but they are in many ways star trek is also not the sci-fi universe for everyone. Real-time strategy games that delve deep into mechanics and procedures rooted in sci-fi feel like the kind of projects that are inherently series-like inspired Dune, Star Trekand even war of stars to a certain degree.

Not for the faint of heart, Stellaris requires a strong commitment to understand the number of systems and strategies required to progress successfully. Diplomacy and politics also play a big part in the gameplay, which also feels rooted star trekis an outdated topic.

6/8 The Outer Worlds

Comedy isn’t a genre or form of entertainment that’s often associated with star trek Sure, the series often deals with serious issues or sci-fi philosophies, but it also has plenty of heart and laughter. star trek remains popular because it often perfectly combines each of these things into something relatable at the human psyche level of understanding.

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The Outer Worlds from Obsidian Entertainment is a satirical sci-fi game that pokes fun at the hundreds of tropes and questionable realities of interplanetary space travel and interstellar-level corporate greed. The deconstruction of often understood parts of science fiction is not unique star trekbut it really feels like it.

5/8 FTL: Faster than light

Ship management, important as it is, is often not the most compelling topic when it comes to discussing the realities of life aboard a starship in space. Working with a crew to accomplish a unique objective while interacting with new alien races or space-floating debris is what really gets the juices flowing.

FTL or Faster than light is a 2012 real-time strategy roguelike where players effectively manage a ship in hopes of continuing their exploration. It’s an indie game that might walk the line between fiction and sci-fi, but either way it manages to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience that has players hesitating and questioning every major decision they make place.

4/8 Guardians of the Galaxy

As already mentioned in the entry regarding the outer worlds, Comedy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Star Trek. That being said, the series has many instances where laughter and gleeful joy are the main focus.

The reason lies with Square Enix Guardians of the Galaxy feels innate star trek has more to do with family spirit, loyalty and caring within the Milano crew. From Starlord to Groot, they all know that they are as successful as they are individually, that it is their collective effort that drives them to do whatever they set out to do, like save the galaxy.

3/8 Outer Wilds

Time warps and weird sci-fi problems are nothing new star trekand they are at the core of what makes Outer Wilds so special. The game begins with players taking control of an astronaut belonging to a friendly and curious alien species. They then have twenty minutes to take off in a spaceship and explore the solar system before a black hole engulfs everything and they start over at step one.

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As time progresses, players discover what is actually going on and it is up to them to prevent the inevitable. The entire game is a ticking clock that provides an adrenaline rush just as the worst scenarios unfold star trek

2/8 Nobody’s heaven

Nobody’s heaven was originally a game that was considered a disappointment for not delivering on the extraordinary promises it made leading up to its release. There has been a complete turnaround in the years since the space exploration title, as Hello Games has dedicated itself to providing the experience they wanted players to experience.

It’s never clear what extraterrestrial life or abandoned advanced technology might be found from planet to planet, and it’s that sheer sense of discovery that feels detached from both classic and modern versions of the television screen star trek Series.

1/8 mass effect

That mass effect The trilogy is so diverse in what it offers from entry to entry that any of the three could make the list as they are all clearly inspired by it star trek. If it’s the mystery and intoxicating dialogue that is most engaging, then the original is more RPG-focused mass effect the star trek fans would love it.

The player takes on the role of a ship captain who must lead his crew to defeat a villain who threatens both humanity and the entire galaxy. mass effect was developed by Bioware and released for publication by Electronic Arts in 2007.

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