The Most Powerful Spells In Video Games

Any video game that has a magic system will have a variety of spells. These spells can range from simple attacks to powerful, world-destroying attacks. Which spells are the strongest? Here we take a look at some of the most powerful spells in video games.

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These spells consist of ones that you can cast yourself. Sometimes a villain in a game can own the strongest spell, but you can’t cast it personally. For example, although Sephiroth can cast the powerful Supernova spell, you won’t be able to. We’ve removed these unreachable spells from this list.


8th Ultima (Final Fantasy series)

First we have Ultima. This is a recurring spell appearing in the Final Fantasy series, with its first appearance in Final Fantasy 2.

This spell will hit all your enemies while ignoring their defenses and any other protection they might have. The graphics for this spell are also exaggerated, showing an exploding dome on the battlefield. In some Final Fantasy games, Ultima cannot be cast; Instead, strong enemies will throw it at you.

7 Vampire Lord Transformation (Skyrim)

The Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim gives you a chance to meet the Volkihar vampire clan. As you complete quests, you can choose to become a vampire; If you do, Lord Harkon will grant you the power to turn into a Vampire Lord. This ability now allows you to transform into the Vampire Lord while exploring Skyrim.

The Vampire Lord gives you access to new traits and battle modes. Also, you can bite your enemies, which kills them quickly. In Vampire Lord form you are unstoppable. There is also no limit to how long or how many times you can transform into a vampire lord.

6 Meteor Shower (Guild Wars 2)

Guild Wars 2 is a long-running MMORPG that was first released in 2012. There are several classes in the game that use magic, but Elementalist takes the cake for one of the most powerful spells. Meteor Shower is a staff-based skill that creates an area of ​​effect for meteors that rain down from the sky.

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When exploring Tyria as an elementalist for the first time, Meteor Shower is one of the best spells you can cast to take out groups of enemies. Although the spell has a long casting time, you only have to cast it until the images of the meteor shower appear. Once it does, you can break the occupation and the meteors will keep raining down.

5 Bolide (Dragon Dogma)

Bolide from Dragon’s Dogma is another meteor-based spell, but fiery boulders raining down from the sky must be incredibly powerful. Bolide is a spell that summons meteors from the sky, dealing physical and fire damage.

There are three levels of Bolide; normal, high and grand. Grand Bolide lets you summon 15 meteors that rain down on your enemies. The combination of fire and physical damage in a large AoE makes for an incredibly powerful spell. This spell has a 2 meter radius and can reach behind you to hit any enemies hiding from your sight.

4 Lava Eruption (World of Warcraft)

World of Warcraft is packed with countless classic spells and abilities. Lava Burst is one of those powerful spells that can be cast if you are a shaman. This summons molten lava that flies toward your enemy, dealing fire damage. If your enemy has Flame Shock, this molten lava deals even more damage.

Not only does this spell deal a lot of damage, but it always deals a critical hit. Overall, watching the molten lava fly towards your enemies is quite satisfying.

3 Comet Azure (Elden Ring)

While playing Elden Ring, it’s possible to completely ignore the magic and face your enemies in a more physical way. Many spells just don’t compare to physical attacks, but Comet Azur stands out.

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Comet Azur is the most powerful spell in the game that allows you to summon a huge comet that deals a lot of damage to an enemy from afar. In addition to this high damage, Comet Azur has some nice graphics that emit a big beam of blue light at your enemy.

2 Godspeed Strike (Bravely Default 2)

Next we have Bravely Default 2’s Godspeed Strike. This is a Thief ability that deals physical damage to an enemy based on your speed. In addition, Godspeed Strike deals damage over time. This may sound simple, but with high speed you can do insane amounts of damage.

The Thief class is already pretty fast, so using Godspeed Strike is the best way to mow down your enemies. Many online gamers agree: “When in doubt, use Godspeed Strike”.

1 Bahamut Summon (Final Fantasy Series)

Bahamut in Final Fantasy 3

Last but not least, we have another Final Fantasy spell. You can summon Bahamut throughout the Final Fantasy series. This is one of the most famous summons in the game series. Bahamut also often appears as a powerful enemy that must be defeated.

Bahamut, which first appeared in Final Fantasy 3, can cast Megaflare. This is a very powerful spell that usually deals heavy non-elemental damage. Although this spell is tweaked between each game, there’s no denying how powerful it is.

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