The Best Superhero Games for Marvel Fans (Android – iOS)

What are the best Marvel superhero games released for Android and iOS? Here are the free games you can play with Marvel characters.

If you want to revive the legendary heroes of Wonder and have fun with your friends, there are many beautiful ones Android and iOS games. Enjoy some fierce competition thanks to the Best Marvel Games Every Marvel Fan Should Play.

The Marvel Universe’s video games have grown tremendously in recent years. There are Marvel Productions in different categories for Android and iOS users. These games in the role-playing, MOBA and RPG genres offer you the opportunity to portray the characters in the MCU.

1) Marvel Contest of Champions (Android/iOS)

The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands with this free game featuring many characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Contest of Champions with popular characters such as iron man, Captain America, hulk, wolverine and Dead Pool; It allows you to fight enemies like Thanos and Kan the Conqueror.

This free game features 3D graphics in a two-dimensional space and the ability to choose between different attack types during battle. You can also improve your characters and team and fight harder in xbattles.

2) Marvel Future Fight (Android/iOS)

Marvel Future Fight is an RPG featuring over 200 MCU characters. After collecting your favorite characters, you can complete quests, strengthen your team, and compete against other players to save your world.

There are also different game modes that players can experience. Future Fight’s main missions are displayed on the map, and daily missions allow players to earn additional rewards that can be used in the game. Special and epic missions unlock characters through challenges and side stories.

3) Marvel Future Revolution (Android/iOS)

Marvel Future Revolution is Marvel’s first open-world action role-playing game, featuring a vast and immersive open world. In this online game you can interact with other heroes and play with your friends in the original Marvel universe.

You can complete different missions to unlock more power-ups and missions. In PvP mode, players can compete against other players with their favorite Marvel Universe characters. In multiplayer mode you can team up with your friends and fight against evil characters.

4) Marvel Super War (Android/iOS)

Marvel Super War offers a similar experience to others MOBA games where players can choose from multiple game modes. Battles are usually played in the form of 5v5, and the characters consist of 6 classes: Fighter, Energy, Sniper, Assassin, Char and Support.

Players can play solo or in groups, and each player can choose 2 of the 10 tactics available in the game to support their chosen character. You can also choose your favorite among 50 characters with super strength, special attack skills and dynamic movements.

5) Marvel Strike Force (Android/iOS)

Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based action game. It allows players to collect characters from teams like SIGN., The Hand and Hydra and play as these characters in turn-based battles. You can fight to collect characters and use the earned parts as in-game rewards.

In addition to the main story of Strike Force, there are also side missions that offer in-game rewards. The game features some of Marvel’s most popular characters such as Captain America, Doctor Strange, Loki, wolverine. The turn-based action game offers a fun experience as you can assemble specific characters and unleash their fighting skills.

6) Marvel Puzzle Quest (Android/iOS)

You can have more than 230 Marvel characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest where you combine three tiles in a row to unlock super powers and create your favorite character. Players earn points by winning battles and can use those points to unlock new attacks and level up.

The characters in the game are divided into different levels with stars. You can assemble a team of Marvel’s greatest superheroes and level up your favorite characters according to their star level as they win battles.

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