The Best Games To Play If You Like Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a challenging first-person survival game set around a variety of islands in the Pacific Ocean. As a crash survivor, you must explore the beautiful but punishing tropical world to survive in the long run. Stranded Deep dives (pun very much intended) into the survival genre with a range of fun gameplay options including structure building, vehicle navigation, wildlife combat, deep crafting and more.

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If you’re ready to end your time playing Stranded Deep and want to invest more time in this prolific genre, then the titles below have you covered. There are numerous survival and survival side games that you can enjoy if you are a fan of Stranded Deep. Prepare for a challenge and mind your resources with these great games.


10/10 Walheim

Valheim Viking runs through a base

Looking for a taste of the survival genre steeped in Viking culture and lore? Then Valheim might just be the game for you. This single or multiplayer viking survival game takes you through a procedurally generated world full of punitive villains, unique wildlife, settlements, special weapons and items, and much more.

Although the game is currently still in Early Access, it has managed to capture the hearts and minds of survival fans due to its sprawling world and an amazing amount of things to craft and create. Valheim is one of those games that quickly immerses you in its brutal world, always dangling a new activity or reward to keep you moving forward.

9/10 subnautica

Cover art for Subnautica gameplay

Subnautica might be Stranded Deep’s closest relative, both in terms of gameplay and aquatic presentation. For the uninitiated, Subnautica is a challenging underwater survival game with deep exploration and a unique premise. This game is all about surviving and thriving in a vast underwater world.

Subnautica features genre staples like crafting, looting, combat, and base building, but ups the ante by requiring you to focus on oxygen conservation, underwater movement, and various aquatic wildlife to contend with.

8/10 The long dark

The long dark birch sapling waterfall

For something more wintry and frozen, check out The Long Dark. This mountainous tundra survival game is highly addictive and will keep you hooked as you explore treacherous locations during this chilly survival adventure. What makes The Long Dark particularly unique is that the game attempts to tell an emotional narrative embedded in a purely single-player experience that emphasizes exploration rather than fighting enemies.

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Make no mistake, this game will test your courage. The Long Dark’s focus on permadeath means you need to be aware of your status at every moment. Yes, you can craft and loot, but it’s the game’s reliance on food, temperature, and shelter that really helps it stand out.

7/10 Ark: Survival Evolved

A screenshot showing two players riding their dinosaurs side by side in Ark: Survival Evolved

It’s pretty impressive to know that Ark: Survival Evolved has been (mostly) successful since 2017. In this solo and multiplayer survival game, you will face off against a gigantic island, wild beasts and dinosaurs, and even other players who happen to be exploring the same island as you.

Ark: Survival Evolved may follow the survival playbook with many of its systems and mechanics, but it’s the game’s approach to taming and breeding dinosaurs and wildlife that makes it a real treat to play. To be successful in this game, you must focus on understanding the nuances of the island while continuously looting, crafting, and setting up with a base and allies.

6/10 dead craft

Reid harvests tomatoes on his home base field in Deadcraft.

Deadcraft is one of those survival games that doesn’t get mentioned often in genre discourse. This zombie survival game combines traditional genre mechanics and the ability to create a zombie army through the special nature of the protagonist: being a half-zombie himself.

Deadcraft plays out from an isometric perspective, giving you a robust zombie-centric experience where both the looting and combat can be enjoyed in equal measure. In an interesting twist on farming gameplay systems, Deadcraft allows you to “plant” your zombie allies to breed and spawn new strains to build your survival settlement.

5/10 Nobody’s heaven

Co-op multiplayer in No Man's Sky

Space exploration fans will be in for a real treat with No Man’s Sky, a game that’s been around since 2016. While it got off to a vicious start with a lack of content and promised features, developer Hello Games has gone to the trouble of providing a near-constant stream of free updates over the years, transforming a once-barebones title into a space-survival juggernaut transformed.

No Man’s Sky is packed with unique gameplay experiences across its vast universe and planets. While the game doesn’t just focus on survival elements, it’s the balance of mechanics like exploration, combat, looting, base building, and player-created stories that help it stand out in a crowded gaming market.

4/10 Don’t starve

A combat scenario in Don't Starve

An indie survival favorite, Don’t Starve throws you into an untamed wilderness where you must use your wits and resources to stay alive. What makes this game particularly noteworthy, aside from its outstanding art style and presentation, is its use of magic and science. Yes, the game blends traditional elements of survival in the harsh wilderness, but also throws in plenty of magical elements and scientific gimmicks.

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In Don’t Starve, players take on the role of Wilson, a mad but brilliant scientist who is unfortunate enough to be chained to an otherworldly wilderness by an insidious demon. If you’re going to guide Wilson through this predicament, you’ll need to craft items, build shelters, find sources of food, and as the title suggests, don’t starve.

3/10 Grounded

Grounded Funny Quotes : Pete gives a thumbs up.

Fans of bugs, insects and all things spooky might not be thrilled with Grounded, but it would be a shame not to include the excellent survival game Grounded in a list like this. In case you haven’t guessed, Grounded plays out like a gamified version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Players step into the unlikely footsteps of a group of friends as they survive the harsh elements of their backyard.

Developed by the prolific development team Obsidian Entertainment, Grounded offers fans of the genre shrunken survival goodness. This solo or multiplayer experience challenges you to create a gargantuan base that can serve as a beacon of hope amidst the spooky onslaught. Crafting items and weapons will help with your defenses, but staying resourceful when exploring your base’s amenities won’t always be that easy.

2/10 raft

A person building a wall on a raft, with the open sea and a shark behind

Raft is a pretty self-explanatory game. You are thrown into an open ocean and must survive the harsh aquatic environment against all odds. As you can guess from the game’s simple one-word title, you’ll need to use your wits and manual skills to stay alive and stay afloat aboard your titular raft.

Raft is another survival game to enjoy as a lone wolf or with friends in tow. It’s all about looting and exploiting the resources of the open ocean, especially items you come across while sailing. Spending time crafting and exploring will be the key to survival in this water themed survival game.

1/10 state of decay 2

State of Decay 2 garden greenhouse with plants

The second zombie survival game on this list, State of Decay 2 blends intense horror action with the finer nuances of survival, base building, and character management. In the midst of a civilization-shattering zombie outbreak, State of Decay 2 requires players to come together to not only survive but thrive in this new zombie-infested landscape.

Something that immediately sets this game apart from other survival games is the ability to create your own team and group of zombie fighters and home base builders. This is not a lone wolf style experience. State of Decay 2 challenges you to explore a vast but devastated open world in hopes of rebuilding civilization, even if hope is fleeting.

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