The Best First-Person Shooter Games That Aren’t Battlefield or Call of Duty

When gamers think of the first person shooter genre, this is it call of Duty and battlefield Franchises are often the first thing that comes to mind, and with good reason. Both call of Duty and battlefield have dominated the FPS landscape for nearly two decades, releasing games ranging from historical shooters to futuristic battlegrounds, and mastering the formula for an immersive multiplayer suite that will keep fans coming back for more competition.

There are many other FPS games that have had success alongside the hugely successful ones call of Duty and battlefield franchises, however, create a fun and competitive shooter experience that will keep fans hooked for years. These great games and franchises all share the traits of immersive worlds, excellent shooter mechanics, and the ability to create an overall experience that’s different than enough battlefield or call of Duty that they stand out as great FPS entries.


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Eternal doom

Fans looking for a perfectly balanced shooter with beautiful worlds and fast-paced gameplay will love iD Software Eternal doom, a single player game that is the definition of chaos and customization rolled into one. The sequel to sinking 2016 is a glorious rampage through a violent hellscape, filled with the same weaponry fans are enjoying and a new progression system that builds on the 2016 experience, all set to a heavy metal background soundtrack.

Probably the best part eternal doom are that each weapon feels great and that combat encourages players to change and adapt their playstyle as they progress through the game, making the experience incredibly challenging. Different enemies require different approaches, not just different types of weapons, and charging in with guns blazing won’t always lead to success. As for the mechanics Eternal doom is on par with the best call of Duty games, determinationand gloriole in terms of smoothness and responsiveness, making it a premium FPS experience.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

It’s one of the more intense competitive shooter communities players can find Counter Strike Global Offensive has become the stuff of PC gaming legends with dedicated players, a steep learning curve and an ultra-competitive element that has taken over the esports landscape. Released in 2012 and still going strong, CS: Go requires players to learn the maps and weapons to be effective and is extremely unforgiving to players who don’t.

Despite it, CS: Go is incredibly fun, and the fact that it has been a success for over a decade shows the strength of the development team and post-release support. Global offensivewhich began as half-life mod, is known for its incredible attention to detail, especially when it comes to weapons in CS:GO, as every weapon available has slight differences in performance and handling that require players to try them all to learn. It’s one of the least forgiving games for players who aren’t FPS naturals, but dedicated shooter fans who want a hardcore competitive experience will enjoy it CS: Go.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

It may seem like cheating to include a collection as an alternative call of Duty or battlefieldbut Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available on Game Pass for Xbox fans and can be downloaded as one title to offer the FPS greatness that is Halo 1-4, Halo 3: ODSTand Hello Reach. Now available on PC, it gives non-Xbox players another opportunity to jump into one of the best shooters of all time and take on the Covenant, Flood or Forerunners in a fight to save humanity.

There is something for everyone when it comes to Halo games as single player fans will enjoy the campaigns of halo 2, halo 3and Hello Reach particularly, with the others also showing significant highlights. Multiplayer fans will probably love this Halo: Customer Center Multiplayer suite as it includes legendary multiplayer offerings from halo 3along with the more modern multiplayer suite in Hello Reach and Halo 4, so there is something for every FPS gamer. Besides the balanced multiplayer and great campaigns exploring many different environments, gloriole Guns are a joy to use, with just about every conceivable type of weapon that can be picked up and used at some point in the game, from a standard assault rifle to the gravity hammer.

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destiny 2

After leaving the gloriole Franchise behind after the release of Hello ReachBungie left the Master Chief and set about creating them determination Universe and has proven that they are one of the very best developers when it comes to creating FPS experiences. By combining aspects of the MMO experience with a first-person shooter combat system, Bungie 2014 created a vast universe with excellent combat determination on which they built and when destiny 2 was released in 2017.

destiny 2 features standard multiplayer offerings for fans looking for something familiar, and a campaign that can be played solo or with a friend in co-op to earn more gear and level up. After that it becomes the search for that destiny 2 Endgame where players perform strikes, challenges and raids to get the best gear and level up to the highest tier currently available. Unlike many other games, there is no “end”. destiny 2as there is almost always a better weapon or gear and level up to keep players coming back for the next expansion.

titan fall 2

It’s one of the more underrated games of the previous generation, however titan fall 2 proves once again that Respawn really knows how to deliver a smooth, fun and unique FPS experience. Consisting of mostly former Infinity Ward developers who made the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series broke up Respawn and created titanium fall in 2014. It was an innovative shooter with amazing combat, but it was a bit lacking in modes – something that Respawn greatly corrected upon release titan fall 2 in 2016.

titan fall 2 introduced a single-player campaign to the series for the first time, and it was widely regarded as one of the best FPS campaigns in years, including its really strong tutorial level at the start. Its multiplayer, which has the obvious appeal of being able to summon massive mechs to destroy the opposition, expanded on an already strong multiplayer of the original titanium fall by adding new modes and tools for players to use, including a grappling hook that has been around for a long time gloriole did.

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