The 10 most-watched college football games of the 2022 season

There is only one regular season game left in college football armymarine is scheduled to take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia this season. All other FBS programs have turned their attention to recruiting, the NCAA transfer portaland upcoming bowl games.

Review of the 2022 season, a Top 10 list of the most watched games was published. Traditional programs flow throughout, with some of the most exciting encounters of the year.

  1. MichiganState of Ohio (FOX) 17.1 million
  2. TennesseeGeorgia (CBS) 13.1 million
  3. Alabama– Tennessee (CBS) 11.6 million
  4. LSU-Georgia (SEC Championship) (CBS) 10.9 million
  5. Purdue-Michigan (Big Ten Championship) (FOX) 10.7 million
  6. Alabama-Texas (FOX) 10.6 million
  7. Notre-Dame– State of Ohio (ABC) 10.5 million
  8. State of KansasTCU (Big 12 Championship) 9.4 million
  9. Alabama-Ole Fraulein (CBS) 8.7 million
  10. State of Ohio-Pennsylvania (FOX) 8.3 million

Of the top 10 games, seven involved a team in this year’s College Football Playoffs. Ohio State led the group, making the list three times.

Unsurprisingly, the state of Michigan-Ohio came in at #1, and by a wide margin. Even if the two teams weren’t ranked and didn’t compete at a high level, The Game would find themselves at the top of the TV leaderboard. But this year’s matchup was different.

Both were in the top three of the CFP leaderboard, with multiple storylines at stake. Michigan emerged victorious and broke another drought in the rivalry by scoring a win at Ohio Stadium. Back-to-back wins for the Wolverines have them flying high.

Elsewhere in the CFP, TCU makes the list because of an exciting Big 12 championship game against Kansas State. As for Georgia, two of their games rank in the top five, with both games knocked down in favor of the Bulldogs.

3:30 p.m. ET CBS kickoff remains king

Most of the time, the 3:30 p.m. ET window in college football is dominated by the SEC on CBS. As one of the most iconic broadcasts in esports, the network once again had a fantastic season that included four games in the top 10.

Two are in the top three, with Tennessee being the common denominator. Undefeated in the matchups against Alabama and Georgia, the Vols were easily SEC history that year due to the rise of the program under Josh Heupel.

CBS was able to make big payouts by having 24.7 million people watch the two games.

FOX and Big Noon Kickoff weren’t too far behind with three featured games. If you include the Big Ten Championship, which took place during Saturday’s prime time, FOX is also tied with CBS.