The 10 Best Lovecraftian Horror Video Games, Ranked

PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst recently told Reuters that while game development remains the focus, the recent investment in FromSoftware means exploring other media is “not out of the question”. While Sony hasn’t had the most highly regarded films in the past, a strong TV series could be just what it needs, and bloodborne would be an ideal game to customize.

bloodborne is one of many inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and many other classic gothic horror writers. The game perfectly blends elements of Victorian era, fantastic and horrible monsters, steampunk ideas and is the perfect game for any fan who wants to play a horror game for this Halloween.


10/10 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (2005)

dark corners of the earth is a survival game released for Xbox and PC that brings several elements from Lovecraft’s stories into the game. However, the game’s main plot specifically follows one of Lovecraft’s stories called The shadow over Innsmouth.

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The game is very similar resident Evil games, particularly with the newer 3rd person games, and features detective work and action as Jack interrogates the creepy citizens of Innsmouth and encounters the terrifying creatures there.

9/10 Call of Cthulhu (2018)

Not to be confused with dark corners of the earth, Call of Cthulhu is another survival game based on Lovecraft’s most famous work, Call of Cthulhu. This game was approached similarly dark corners of the earth with criminal investigations.

The game feels a little less faithful to the story, which it loosely adapts than corners of the earth does, but it does an excellent job of mixing in cosmic horror and letting Edward Pierce interact with the Cthulhu cult. Fans of the original story will love the game’s conclusion.

8/10 Diablo 3 (2013)

Diablo III is a dark fantasy RPG and one of the best hack and slash games for Nintendo Switch. While this may not seem Lovecraftian at first glance, it actually implements many Lovecraftian elements such as the impending doom of cosmic forces, devils and angels, and a mixture of fantasy and horror.

The game revolves around a war between heaven and hell and is a high-fantasy twist on Lovecraft rather than low-fantasy, with the main protagonist often under attack from outside forces. Although it offers a different spin, many Lovecraft fans will find a similar vibe, and it’s perfect for those who love fantasy alongside cosmic horror.

7/10 The Sinking City (2019)

The Sinking City is another survival game based on the Call of Cthulhu (although the game focuses on Cthylla, daughter of Cthulhu rather than Cthulhu himself) but it is a more polished game with more refined gameplay and investigations.

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The game is very similar vampire with the specific districts and the different outcomes that an NPC’s story can have based on the player’s actions. This game, as well as multiple endings totaling three, each with its terrible downsides. Although this story doesn’t focus on Cthulhu, fans of the original story will love this fresh game with lots of Lovecraftian references and influences.

6/10 Vampire (2018)

vampire is very similar to that sinking city with the NPCs, districts and endings. The story is compelling as Jonathan E. Reid struggles between killing as a vampire and saving lives as a doctor. While centered around vampires, the game does a fantastic job of creating its own dark mythos that’s quite similar to Lovecraft.

The game excels in bringing horror to the game and making the player feel hopeless. What’s so compelling about this game is how much control the player has over the character, and by refusing to drink the blood of humans the game is made more difficult, making the game feel realistic to the life of a vampire.

5/10 Resident Evil Village (2020)

Resident Evil Village is one of the best horror games on the PS5 and the eighth mainline game in the resident Evil survival series. While there are many spectacular titles in the franchise, none comes closer to the Lovecraftian horror genre than Village.

This game mixes gothic, steampunk and cosmic with horror to give fans the perfect gothic horror experience. As the game progresses, Ethan Winters experiences a more terrifying adventure than biohazard. Fans of tropes like werewolves, vampires, witches and cosmic demons will definitely find this game to their liking.

4/10 The Last Door (2013)

The last door is an episodic horror game influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft as well as the author who influenced him, Edgar Allan Poe. Although this game may not seem appealing to many players at first because of its pixelated gameplay, they should not judge it before playing.

One of the best point and click horror games of all time, The Last Door is a downright terrifying game filled with many mysteries and dark force discoveries that will send chills down the spines of the players. Players who like great stories, scary moments and puzzles should definitely try this game.

3/10 Eldritch (2013)

Eldritch is a fantastic game that has great replay value as each playthrough is different. Many fans liked to describe the game as Minecraft but with the Cthulhu Mythos. At first glance, that seems like a fairly accurate description, but players will find that Eldritch is quite different in gameplay Minecraft.

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The game is a first-person action game in which the protagonist uses both weapons and spells. The game’s lore and the influence of Lovecraft’s tales make this one of the most perfect Lovecraftian horror games of all time and every fan has to check it out.

2/10 Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a perfect survival horror game for Halloween and downright terrifying. It takes influence from Lovecraft’s work while creating this terrifying world of horror. In this survival game, players run for their lives while being stalked by cosmic creatures looking to devour their flesh.

The music complements the game beautifully, adding to the terrifying tension and impending doom the player feels as they run through the halls and see their surroundings grow more and more macabre. While this game focuses heavily on the experience of survival and escape, it is also complemented by an excellent story to help players along the way.

1/10 Bloodborne (2015)

All from FromSoftware souls-like games are perfect games for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in Lovecraftian horror, but none do it better than bloodborne. This game is without a doubt the best game that has ever used gothic or Lovecraftian horror for a game, and while it takes a huge influence from Lovecraft and many other classic gothic authors, it often feels fresh and original.

This hack and slash game focuses on a hunter who kills beasts to escape the hunter’s dream, an endless nightmare where the hunter cannot die. The action, horror and thrill that this game can bring to a player is truly unmatched.

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