The 10 Best Disney Video Games, According To Metacritic

With the upcoming full release of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Disney Corporation reaffirms its strong presence in the video games space. Disney’s films and properties have always been excellent fodder for video games, and they’ve even developed their own franchises.

Whether it is about original concepts such as e.g Kingdom Heartsor modern revisions of classics like duck stories, Disney and video games is a consistently strong combination. Although Disney has produced tons of great games, only the best have received very high ratings on Metacritic.


10 Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mouse (2013) – 72

The hardest part of reimagining classic games is keeping the simple fun of the original while adding something new. Castle of Illusion achieved both goals when bringing the legendary Sega game to life for modern consoles. The player takes control of Mickey Mouse and makes his way through the Castle of Illusion to rescue Minnie.

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The game’s new and improved 3D graphics with smooth and simple controls do not limit the experience. It may have a simple build, but the classic platform and bright Disney visuals make it stand out Castle of Illusion a modern game with a vintage sensibility.

9 Epic Mickey (2010) – 73

Widely regarded as one of the best Mickey Mouse games of all time, Epic Mickey revived the more adventurous side of the classic character. After partially destroying a world for discarded toons, Mickey must use his magic brush to save their world.

Combining platforming with more modern mechanics like a morale system and side quests, Epic Mickey lived up to the epic part of its name. Perfect for the Nintendo Wii, the brush weapon was a unique twist on the classic game mechanic. Also, the obscure nature of many of the characters is a treat for die-hard Disney fanatics.

8th DuckTales: Remastered (2013) – 75

The original duck stories The game is fondly remembered as one of the best on the NES, and a remake would be met with skepticism by many fans. However, when it arrived on modern consoles, the remaster was heralded as a quality improvement on an already perfect game.

Scrooge McDuck and his nephews navigate levels in search of treasure in this Metroidvania-style platformer. Leaping on enemies with Scrooge’s cane is just as rewarding as it was in the ’80s, and the updated visuals preserve the original’s colorful heritage while taking advantage of modern technology.

7 Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (1999) – 75

As a rare movie linking game that was really good, Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue brought Pixar’s latest film to life on most consoles. The player takes control of the eponymous character while trying to save Woody from the clutches of an evil toy collector.

The 3D platform was a bit awkward, but the overall experience was cutting edge for the time. What made the game shine was the variety of objectives and fun controls that made Buzz Lightyear a perfect video game protagonist.

6 Guilty Party (2010) – 78

Not every amazing Disney game has to tie into one of their intellectual property rights, and culprit showed that their interactive department was just as viable as any other developer. The party-style game challenges players to solve a puzzle through a series of mini-games, similar to popular board games.

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While the mini-games aren’t anything special, the game really shines with its brilliant writing and intriguing characters. Being a party game, most of the experience comes from the company you play it in, but the strong storyline and characterization set the player up for an immersive good time.

5 Disney Infinity (2013) – 80

Disney has always been excellent at branding and merchandise and Disney Infinity was the best of both worlds when it came to toys and games. With physical characters plugged directly into the game, users will explore famous Disney intellectual property worlds and experience specific adventures from those worlds.

Draw from the universes of war of stars and Wonderalso, infinity had a variety of rare characters that players were craving. While the game itself was a more standard platform adventure, its sandbox mode customization and proprietary software made it a massive gaming community.

4 Kingdom Hearts III (2019) – 83

Few gaming series have enjoyed Disney’s enduring success Kingdom Hearts, and the conclusion of the original trilogy delivered what its predecessors had promised. Once again cast as Sora, the user explores various areas derived from Disney properties in order to prevent a war from breaking out.

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Significantly darker than most Disney games, Kingdom Hearts has built its own myth and fan base. Including never-before-seen Disney worlds like Frozenand big hero 6, Kingdom Hearts III also added new attacks inspired by Disney park attractions. While the action RPG elements remained intact, the 2019 game also had a freshness that revitalized the franchise.

3 Tron 2.0 (2003) – 84

Even though Tron Remembered by most as a forgotten ’80s movie gem, fans of the franchise were largely left in the dark until the FPS game’s release Tron 2.0. The game centers on the son of the main character from the film, who needs to be digitized to prevent a virus from taking over the game.

Allowing fans to explore the film’s world in 3D was a nice treat, and the action-packed gameplay was snappy and entertaining. In addition to the typical FPS mechanics, the game has also revived the classic light cycle and made it an integral and challenging part 2.0. With its mix of challenge and nostalgia, Tron 2.0 was the perfect game for fans of the film as well as newcomers to the franchise.

2 Kingdom Hearts (2002) – 85

mashing final fantasy with recognizable Disney characteristics, Kingdom Hearts was the surprise hit of the PS2 era. As an ambitious teenager, Sora, the user teams up with several classic Disney characters to protect the realm from the invading forces of darkness.

With hack-and-slash controls and typical action RPG mechanics, the game felt familiar and fresh at the same time. The Disney worlds brought to life were a treat for Disney fanatics, and it gave the user an incentive to continue exploring the game to see what fascinating features would be introduced next. While not the best in the series, the premiere title is in the Kingdom Hearts Franchise is still a front runner.

1 Kingdom Hearts II (2005) – 87

With each further publication of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise seemed to get better and better, and Kingdom Hearts 2 was the high point. Sora returns once again to join forces with his Disney buddies to stop the evil Organization XIII’s mechanizations.

Disney fans rejoiced at the inclusion of new worlds, and hardcore gamers rejoiced that their tiny critiques of the first game were crafted into improvements. The experience was mostly retained from the previous games, but the addition of a Engine Gauge allowed Sora to summon additional personalities to battle. Disney has always been about creativity and the world of Kingdom Hearts is one of their most original companies.

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