Telltale Games Would Be a Good Candidate for a Star Wars Game

Over the years, Telltale Games has made a name for itself by developing some pretty intriguing stories based on pre-determined IPs. The studio started with titles based on IPs such as Sam & Max, Back to the Futureand jurassic park, but it was thrust into the limelight with its award-winning the Walking Dead Series. Players are drawn to these titles because of the intriguing characters, heartfelt stories, and ability to shape the storyline. While the studio had some financial troubles in 2018, it was revived and continues to chug on IP-based stories, but it has yet to turn around war of stars.


Telltale Games has touched IPs ranging from game of Thrones and the Walking Dead to Batman and guardians of the galaxy, but the studio has barely explored the world of great sci-fi. It will soon explore the universe of The wide in a brand new story that will be her first foray into a sci-fi galaxy outside of Marvel Comics and border areas, and it shouldn’t be the last. The writing style and choice-based gameplay would suit well war of stars. war of stars is filled to the brim with stories waiting to be told and characters waiting to be explored, making it a great Telltale Games sandbox to play around in.

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Telltale Games knows how to write a story

Telltale Games has written some of the most exciting stories in gaming. While the games have been criticized for their basic gameplay and graphics, they are often praised for the writing and the choices forced upon the player. The studio has been able to adapt this storytelling to all sorts of IPs from different media and is expanding its catalog with the upcoming one The wide and The wolf among us 2.

Many players will not soon forget the heartbreaking story of Clementine and Lee the Walking Deadthe tragic story of House Forrester in game of Thronesthe fantastic story of bigby wolf in The wolf among usand Bruce Wayne’s Adventures in Telltale’s Batman Series. While the games themselves have all varied in quality, for the most part the writing has remained fairly consistent, cementing Telltale as the go-to studio for episodic adventures. Time will tell if the new Telltale games can maintain the same level of writing that Telltale was known for prior to 2018, and if it can, Disney should consider letting the studio run around in its playground.

Star Wars could benefit from an episodic adventure

war of stars is one of the largest franchises in the world right now, and it’s only going to get bigger as Disney plans all sorts of Disney Plus shows and movies. It’s also made a decent impact in the gaming world over the years with games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderand lots of new things war of stars Games are in different stages of development. While many of these games take the form of action-adventures or shooters, very few take the episodic route.

Telltale Games has seemingly mastered the art of episodic, decision-based gaming, and war of stars maybe just right for a game like this. The galaxy is filled with stories and characters yet to be explored, and a Telltale Games series could do just that. It could take fans to an unknown corner of the galaxy and tell a whole new story in the franchise. The players’ choices would then affect the course of this story and shape the universe they have fallen in love with over the years.

The vast galaxy of war of stars mixed with Telltale Games’ great script could make a great episodic sci-fi game. While the studio hasn’t had much experience with galaxy-spanning adventures outside of Marvel, it has plenty of experience playing in someone else’s sandbox. The upcoming The Expanse: A Telltale Series will show players if Telltale can create an exciting, large-scale sci-fi story, and if so, then it can war of stars should be the next step.

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