Supporters bet on online casino games, expanded wagers to grow NH’s gambling scene

New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a series of gambling laws that could bring the state online casinos, more bingo nights and bigger poker tournaments.

Under a bipartisan bill Introduced in a Senate committee on Wednesday, private companies could offer online casino games to anyone physically within the state and over the age of 17, similar to the rules for sports bettingwhich became legal in New Hampshire in 2019.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission predicts that online casino games could bring in as much as $17 million annually, with proceeds going to a new scholarship fund for community college students.

A handful of other states, including Connecticut, already offer online casino games. Adults can play in New Hampshire at this time on-line Lottery games similar to scratch cards.

Rebecca London, a Massachusetts-based DraftKings lobbyist, told the Senate Ways and Means Committee that the casino bill “provides an opportunity for the state to capitalize on a new revenue stream and provide citizens with new forms of entertainment without taxes.” to have to raise. ”

The legislature is also thinking about it a suggestion Increasing maximum bets at state gaming charities that give a portion of proceeds to a rotating series of non-profit organizations. Single bets on games like blackjack are currently capped at $10 but would increase to $50 under the measure. The maximum entry fee for in-person poker tournaments would also increase from $150 to $2,500. Rick Newman, who campaigns for gaming charities, said the move is necessary if the state wants to attract players from major New England casinos.

“We compete with Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun and Encore who are able to offer bigger buy-in tournaments that attract players,” Newman told lawmakers.

Another bill under consideration would expand the number of games bingo allowed per month in approved establishments, from 10 to 16 events.