Strangest Trophy Objectives From September 2022’s Games

Trophy hunting offers players another way to approach games on the PlayStation Platform. In some cases, it turns those who don’t care about hitting 100% into completers, pushing them to get more out of their games and see everything there is to see. In other cases, it makes players more competitive and pushes them to outperform their friends and get more trophies in certain games. However, trophy hunting on PlayStation can also lead to some extremely entertaining moments due to strange objectives.


Not every trophy list on PlayStation offers crazy achievements, although those that do often stick with players long after all of the game’s tasks have been completed. While the September 2022 trophy lists were relatively basic, there were a few unique trophies that urged players to find Easter eggs or complete an easily overlooked task.

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Strangest Trophies in PS Plus Games September 2022

Two of the three Essential PlayStation Plus games offered basic trophy lists. Regarding oddities, Granblue Fantasy Verse has nothing to report as the list asks players to perform specific maneuvers or progress through the different game modes. As far as Need for Speed ​​​​Heat As for this entry, it is longer term Need speed The franchise didn’t have any particularly weird trophies either – although “Get Shrimpin,” which challenges players to collect collectible flamingos, is somewhat random. After all, these aren’t the collectibles you’d expect to find in a driving game.

However, Tom manages to provide many outstanding objectives, resulting in a series of trophies that are easy and fun. As players spend the eight hours required to earn the platinum, they will be prompted to unlock Slow and Steady. In this fun achievement, players watch a snail race at a certain point in the game and must sit patiently as it slowly crawls towards the finish line. While this would normally take a few minutes, players can honk their horn at the slow-moving animal to speed up the process.

Easter Eggs that developers add features to appear in games from time to time, with Gearbox’s Brighthoof Room off Tiny Tina’s Wonderland be an example. Tom combines two of those mysteries with achievements, as You Found Us allows players to see that the team is the game and Look at Those Cuties, which lets players stumble upon the developers’ pets. While these secrets make for some random trophy goals, they’re also pretty healthy.

Strangest Trophies in September 2022 New Releases

The Last of Us Part 1The trophy list has been praised by fans for not forcing multiple passes like the original version of the game. It also includes some outstanding trophies like Left Hanging. This trophy requires players to ignore Ellie’s request for a high five, which is pretty brutal considering players have likely grown to love the character throughout their gameplay. While fun, asking players to be cruel to one of the two main characters is an odd task, especially since another trophy rewards players for being kind and petting a dog.

Naughty Dog’s history of excellent games is well documented, and many players are likely to believe that the developer has a perfect track record. However, the studio clearly thinks differently as it includes a trophy called Nobody’s Perfect for playing some Jak X during the Left Behind DLC. Jak X combat race was certainly an odd game for Naughty Dog, and while it didn’t get bad reviews by any means, the scores were lower than usual for a Naughty Dog project. Overall this trophy is hilarious as it is more than a little odd to see a developer taking footage of their past work.

Last but not least, the new dating simulation is worth mentioning Kaichu, since practically every trophy from the game can be called strange. That’s because Kaichu is a dating simulator featuring kaiju, with trophies like “Spread The Love” that reward players who successfully date three kaiju like Mechachu and Turpio. Similar to Addicted to you: a dating sim dead by daylight, Kaichu is an interesting parody of the genre with some equally intriguing ones PlayStation Matching trophies.

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