Six Of The Best Games Showcased At Gamescom 2022

Gamescom 2022 is coming to an end and so it seems like the best time to revisit the offers it has given us. With an incredible amount of announcements, gameplay trailers, new products to be revealed and more, there can be a lot for players to digest and understandably, that could mean missing out on some absolute gems.

Below are six of the best games we’ve seen at Gamescom 2022, each with the potential to win its fair share of prizes. Conversely, at this point we only see what the developers want us to see, so chances are they aren’t as polished as presented here.

lies of P

gamescom 2022

In words we never thought we’d write, an upcoming Souls-like game based on the story of Pinocchio looks like one of Gamescom’s best games to be announced. After a human/cyborg hybrid in our protagonist Pinocchio, the game seems to focus on finding Geppetto and possibly fighting him. How much more of the famous story the game will adapt is unknown at this time, but so far it’s looking premium.

With a nod to Bloodborne and Devil Mary Cry, fans of the genre will be delighted with its heavy steampunk influence, magic, various weapons and many different enemies to fight.

Where winds meet

gamescom 2022

Another hack and slash game presented at Gamescom 2022, Where winds meet looks like the love child of Spirits of Tsushima and Assassin’s Creed. As an open-world RPG set towards the end of the Ten Kingdoms era in China, the game promises “freedom and authenticity,” and after watching the trailer below, it’s hard to go against that promise.

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In standard RPG fare, you can take on multiple different jobs and take on missions from multiple different characters in almost any order you want, or if that’s not for you, just carve your way through the many NPCs shown inhabiting the world. Magic, swords, potions, and more await you in a faithful, albeit mythological, take on that era

dead island 2

gamescom 2022

Already announced in 2014, dead island 2 is a surprising addition to this list, with the general rule of thumb being that games with such problematic and unstable development end up being bad, especially when they’re eight years old.

Set a few months later dead island and Dead Island: Riptide Dead Island 2 takes place in multiple locations across California and looks pretty standard when it comes to zombie first person games. The standard swords, guns, Molotovs and more are included, as are the destructible and explosive items in the environment. What stands out is the many different ways you can take down the zombies, the cast of characters you wouldn’t typically see in a post-apocalyptic world, and the world itself.

We hope the game is as good as the trailer below makes it seem.

high in life

gamescom 2022

A game straight from the pen of Justin Roiland, Creator, Writer and Voice Actor Rick & Morty will always be full of crazy ideas and concepts. high in life delivers in that regard with talking weapons, each with their own distinctive personalities, a colourful, vibrant world, and a slew of un-Flemish enemies guaranteed to make you laugh as you assassinate them.

A very special first-person shooter high in life looks like it’s going to be a guaranteed hit with anyone who likes it Rick & Mortyand for the wider audience who enjoy their guns when they hit their targets or ask to be used as in the video below.

The Callisto Protocol

gamescom 2022

A spiritual successor to Empty room trilogy developed by the same studio, The Callisto Protocol looks equal parts terrifying, intriguing, and breathtaking. Judging from the gameplay trailer below, the emphasis on stealth, melee, weapon combat, and utilizing the environment as a whole will feed into the player’s survival tactics. Emulsifying the enemies in this giant meat grinder-like thing looks satisfying, and even more so dismembering and crippling the enemies before they can attack.

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if Empty room is all there to see, the game will be absolutely terrifying in those moments when the combat isn’t tight and fast, and it will be one where you play with the lights on, a blanket around you, and the remote control in hand to turn off the TV.


gamescom 2022

Another open-world role-playing game, Leave seems to focus more on terrain traversal and the fluidity of combat, as well as the heavy-hitting side of things. The game is stunning to look at and has been around for a while, but Gamescom 2022 gave us a proper look at gameplay for the first time.

Transported from New York City to a fantastical land called Athia, protagonist Frey must quickly learn the ways of her new world, filled with magic and a vast world to explore. Leave It looks like it will give the player plenty of time to explore and appreciate the world created.


gamescom 2022

Countless games were presented at Gamescom 2022, many more than could be done justice in just one article. That Lords of the Fallen looks like another souls like game coming to our consoles soon, and moonbreaker looks like the tabletop Warhammer-esque game we never knew we needed.

Playstation took the opportunity to announce and show off their latest controller, arguably in an attempt to rival Xbox’s elite controller, and while the infamous Hideo Kojima didn’t announce a game, he did announce a new podcast.

What else are you looking forward to at Gamescom 2022?

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