Several Games Could Learn From Stardew Valley’s Approach to Characters

Although it may present itself as a humble farming simulator, Stardew Valley is much deeper than what appears at first glance. Tending to livestock and irrigating tracts of land is undoubtedly an expectation of players, but its simple graphics and gameplay are shockingly deceptive, as getting the most out of the game means spending time battling enemies, contributing to the community center, and Items to give away to the local townsfolk. It is both a life simulator and a farming game, compares to harvest moon are justified, it advances the formula significantly in many respects.


One of the best things about Stardew Valley isn’t farming, it’s interacting with the 28 different residents of Pelican Town. As more conversations are engaged, the player feels more at home in the fictional setting, and it is appealing to form relationships with them – some of which lead to romance and eventually marriage. They don’t interfere with the farming experience at all, but neither do they ever feel like an afterthought, finding the perfect balance that defines them Stardew Valley a suitable inspiration for other developers to follow suit in their approach to character dynamics.

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Stardew Valley’s characters are diverse but equally compelling

Stardew Valley Abigail

in the stardew valley, No two characters are truly alike, and while they share similarities with others in gaming, they also have little quirks that make them more complex. Mayor Lewis, for example, is portrayed as a wise, rustic, and kind man early on, so learning about his cheeky relationship with Marnie in the Mayor’s Shorts side quest adds a fun element to his personality. The mystery surrounding Abigail’s father is further evidence of this Stardew Valley commits to truly unique character development.

Knowing this, it feels like a real treat to spend time with a new character as their stories are almost never stereotypical affairs. Each has some added complexity, and interactions are brief enough to never feel like a drudgery. Pelican Town is a slightly unspectacular place full of mundane locations, but the characters who call it home make it a pleasure to wander around.

The residents of Pelican Town are rooted in realism

Map of Pelican Town from Stardew Valley

The tried and tested way many games handle character dynamics is to introduce new personalities one at a time as the story progresses. In RPGs, players can gather a group of people who differ because of the place where they were acquired and the life they led as a result. law one stories of creation is different from Shionne because he experienced the world that the game presents through a totally contrasting lens. It’s simple but effective, and a philosophy that does well to make the characters unique.

Stardew Valley It doesn’t take players on an epic quest through sprawling locations and rugged terrain, but it’s not without unique personalities. The farthest payers will go the sandy alcoves of the Calico Desert, so the game will have to look for other ways to summon characters worthy of seeking repeated encounters. It succeeds by never leaning too heavily on its past, but letting players learn more about the struggles they face over the course of the seasons. From Penny struggling with living with her mother, Pam, to Shane’s ongoing battle with alcoholism, allowing the player to peek into the lives of the residents is a great way to bring the setting to life.

Farming, foraging, fishing, and mining can make up most of the gameplay in Stardew Valley, but without the characters for players to interact with, it wouldn’t have nearly the same charm. It’s essential to the experience, and the town’s residents don’t all make them feel the same – quite the opposite. Stardew Valley shows that not every game needs to have characters from everywhere to provoke interesting and unique acquaintances, and more games should use that knowledge to justify breaking the mold.

Stardew Valley is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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