Sad False Friend Reveals In Games

As if there was already no shortage of fake stuff in the world, some of the friends players make in video games had to be fake too. Just as the false friend trope is a common shock tactic and plot twist in literature, it is also prevalent in video games. False friends in video games don’t necessarily reveal themselves in treason, but the worst of them do.

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Therefore, the most heartbreaking fake friend moments in video games are the ones that often result in unexpected physical and psychological harm. Turns out that smile was fake and those handshakes were fake. Fake friends make convincing villains; Through these following games they prove that maybe the real enemies are the friends we find along the way.


8/8 Big Smoke turned out to be a big rat (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

big smoke death gta san andreas

What made Smoke freak out like that GTA San Andreas wasn’t CJ failing to follow the damn train, but because money, power, was catching up to him. And all those moments of joy, spilling tasty fast food in the backseat of Sweet’s station wagon during a chase by Balla’s Balla, were nothing but a false moment of happiness.

CJ just had to find out for himself that Smoke was also the one who killed his mother. Additionally, Smoke conspired with the Ballas and the corrupt San Andreas cops to take over neighborhoods across the city. In the end he was the ultimate antagonist for a GTA Game; It was a good thing that CJ managed to kill him before those two number nines and one number nine clogged Smoke’s major arteries.

7/8 Harry Flynn proves there is no honor among thieves (Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

Harry Flynn from Uncharted 2

Harry Flynn was a longtime friend and collaborator of Nathan Drake and the two shared a passion for treasure and treasure hunting. Drake was never a moral character, but his sociopathic tendencies pale in comparison to Harry Flynn and his psychopathic habits.

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Flynn was a master liar and manipulator who befriended Drake to gain an advantage while hunting for treasure in Shangri-La. When Flynn revealed his true intentions, Drake was imprisoned in an undisclosed location for three months. To add insult to injury, Flynn was quite smug and condescending about his betrayal.

6/8 Norah turned out to be a jealous stepsister (Child of Light)

norah in the child of light

Norah was initially the image of Aurora’s perfect older sister child of light. She was observant and even admired Aurora. Unfortunately, they are kings and Norah’s mother, who is Aurora’s stepmother and the new legal queen, wanted to erase the real royal lineage.

So Norah, whose real name was Nox, helped her mother carry out her plan to banish Aurora and have her killed. Aurora was quite angry about this as Norah seemed like she really likes Aurora and only obeys her mother’s orders. But actions outweighed intentions, and Norah had to be put down.

Video game Powerful Moms Mothers The Boss

The Boss was a parent figure and important friend of Snake’s. She was his mentor and someone who turned him into one of the best soldiers and spies in the world metal gears Franchise. But as it turns out, Snake isn’t the only snake Metal Gear Solid 3. Buchou was secretly a double agent for the Soviets, and she even rubbed the salt in Snake’s wounds as she defected.

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Such an event was the greatest turning point in Snake’s career as a soldier and a rite of passage to the dangers of his work. However, when The Boss dies at Snake’s hands, she reveals in her dying breath that her defection to the Soviets was the ruse of the United States government. From that day on, the poor snake didn’t know what to feel.

4/8 Kreia was a disgraced Sith Lord (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Book 2)


Speaking of mentors turning heads, Kreia was one of the most shocking revelations in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2. She helped players rise to power and become proper Force users. She even presented herself as a morally gray character – someone who could guide players down whatever path they took.

But towards the end of the game, Kreia reverted to old habits; She was a Sith Lord named Darth Traya and without hesitation resumed her black cloak after players “aided” her against her enemies. Ultimately, Kreia only needed one tool against the Jedi and the Sith, and Exile was the perfect template.

3/8 Pavel was secretly a secondary antagonist (Metro: Last Light)

Pavel Treason in the subway in the last light

The subway last night is a dark game with an equally grim and hopeless setting. So when players met someone like Pavel on the Metro’s horrid subway tracks, the trust was understandable. Pavel was friendly, helpful and cheerful. He was the epitome of a comrade who didn’t hesitate to forge an alliance with the players when anyone else would have gone for the simple kill attempt.

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Too bad he was a secret official of the Red Line, a totalitarian socialist party in the metro. And Pavel was planning all the time, having found out that the player character was an enemy. Pavel sold the players and left them for dead. The final confrontation with him was all the more poetic and bittersweet.

2/8 Wheatley was an opportunist all along (Portal 2)

Wheatley from Portal 2

Speaking of funny companions, Wheatley out portal 2 was also another shining example. He woke players up and even got them back into battle shape so they could face and fight GLaDOS, the evil robotic overlord in the game’s testing facility. But all along, Wheatley was an opportunist, seeing the player simply as a tool that could help them take over GLaDOS.

All these jokes and jokes, all these connections between riddles, were nothing but a farce to funny old Wheatley once all the power went to his head.

1/8 Ada Wong doesn’t just want to be girlfriends (Resident Evil 2)

Ada Wong from Resident Evil 2

From the moment Leon Kennedy saw this foxy secret agent in a red dress, he really should have stayed away. Even Ada told her to stay away. But like a moth to a flame, Leon continued to pursue Ada with puppy eyes. For a while it seemed like the two would form a bond; Ada took care of Leon and vice versa. The two were a ray of hope and romance in a zombie apocalypse.

But Ada just valued her ambitions more and decided towards the end of the game to betray Leon. Was she faking it all? The teamwork? The saving? The kiss? Perhaps. Maybe not. But it was heartbreaking nonetheless, and Leon was no longer a naïve rookie from that point on.

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