Riot Games Pays Tribute to Player Corbin in the Valorant Battle Pass

Riot Games rolled out the new Valorant update on October 19th with patch 5.08, making Indian Agent Harbor available to play. The update also included new in-game content in the form of the Episode 5 Act III Battle Pass, the return of the Ion skin bundle, and also the competitive season reset. The Battle Pass introduced many rewards for players regardless of whether they purchase it. One of the rewards includes Corbin’s Light Buddy, a tribute to a Valorant player and community member who recently passed away after battling cancer.

There are many different unique weapon friends to win in this Battle Pass, but Associate Integration Artist Catalina Faerman drew attention to Corbin’s Light. This Gun Buddy embodies a star-shaped sapphire with thick gold rims.

Corbin’s story in Valorant

In a recent blog about what’s new in Valorant Episode 5 Act III, Riot Games stated that it created Corbin’s Light Gun Buddy in honor of Corbin. The gun friend takes design notes from Corbin and his older brother and adds the coordinates of a star named after Corbin by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Riot Games noted that it will make a donation to the C-Squad Foundation, established by Corbin’s family in his honor shortly before his death, through the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

Loudly, Faerman said: “Corbin’s light has deep personal meaning. It was made for one of our players who sadly passed away battling cancer. The Make-a-Wish Foundation named a star after Corbin, so we decided to honor him by creating a Gun Buddy inspired by his star and additional design notes from his brother. In a way, it was incredibly easy to design.

She noted that she and Corbin are soul mates in their love of astronomy. Faerman added that her Star Guardian fan art for League of Legends led her to work at Riot Games. “So Corbin’s gun buddy almost felt like it was meant to be. In other respects it was an overwhelming task. I wanted to do something that he would have been proud of, but also represented him.

Riot Games reportedly chose blue for the crystal since it was Corbin’s favorite color, and Faerman added the coordinates to the Make-a-Wish star as an engraving on the frame.

Corbin’s Light Gun Buddy in the new Battle Pass

Corbin’s Light Gun Buddy can be spotted in the new Battle Pass at Tier 31 as a free Chapter Reward. For this, players must collect 23,000 XP in the Battle Pass. The pass can be purchased for 1,000 VP and expires in 82 days. This will be the final act of Episode 5, with Episode 6 expected to be released sometime in January 2023.