Rain Gauge Lesson Plan

Rain Gauge Lesson Plan. Cooperative learning strategies are implemented throughout the lesson. Weather science is a fun activity for kids of all ages.

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Students use a glass container. coat hanger. measuring spoons. and more to make their own rain gauge. With this lesson plan. your students are going to. The students will have the opportunity to experiment with different materials before designing and making a rain gauge or windsock [duration:

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Discuss how people can use the information (e.g. Teacher modeling of expected responses.

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The rain gauge has not changed very much in that time. but now people use computers for long distances. Anemometer. thermometer. rain gauge. weather vane and clipboards.

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In it. the students design and build their own rain gauges to measure daily rainfall. The changes can easily be graphed and an average can be found.

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On your piece of paper. make a note of the date and the. That’s how much rain has fallen in the last day!

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Record the data on the notepad. That’s how much rain has fallen in the last day! How do we measure rain?

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The students still enjoyed putting dirt into their bottles on their own Rain gauge lesson plan for elementary school. As a simple science weather project your preschoolers will engage and learn so much.

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For these rain gauges. a formula (see formula 1) is used to calculate precipitation from the measured water level. They will discuss the aspects of a rain gauge and windsock and the importance of these instruments when measuring these weather variables. How to present data on a graph.

Weather Science Is A Fun Activity For Kids Of All Ages.

Preschool rain lesson plan activities: They are tasked with developing a tool they can use to measure the amount of rain that falls each day. How to comment on their findings.

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You can then record the amounts on a chart or bar graph. The lesson begins with crosscutting concepts and science practices then continues to the lesson phenomenon (saturated soil). Repeat this everyday for a month.