Project Cars Games Being Delisted Due To Licensing Issues

This is what Slightly Mad Studios announced project cars and project cars 2 will be delisted later this year. They’re being withdrawn from sale due to licensing issues, but you can still play them fully, including multiplayer if you’re so inclined.

Why are project cars and project cars 2 delisted?

Corresponding Slightly crazy on Twitterthe two project cars Games will be removed from the list due to “expiring car and track licenses”. Both games remain fully playable, including their multiplayer components, but you can no longer purchase them from digital storefronts. This decision will not affect you in any way project cars 3, which landed back in August 2020, meaning its licenses are almost certainly still intact. It’s only the first two games in the series that will be disappearing from stores.

A car speeding around the track in Project Cars
The first two project cars Games will be delisted soon.

When will project cars and project cars 2 be delisted?

You have a while to pick up both games if you still want to play them. project cars will be delisted on October 3, and project cars 2 will be out of stores a little earlier on September 21st. As a reminder, don’t worry if you’ve already purchased these games; They remain fully playable and you can download them again if you have deleted them from your console or PC.

Two mud-covered cars jostle for position in Project Cars 2
There is still time to buy project cars and its sequel before being delisted.

As for Slightly Mad Studios itself, it seems that plans for future games are already underway. In the tweet announcement project cars and the delisting of its sequel, the studio says it will share more about the next Slightly Mad game “when the time is right.” The developer was acquired by Codemasters back in 2019, and after a bidding war, EA subsequently acquired Codemasters in 2021, giving Slightly Mad EA’s cash and clout for whatever it makes next. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more information on Slightly Mad and whatever his next project will be, although it’s likely not a return to the Mad Box console they were talking about in 2019.