PlayStation’s Live Service Games Could Launch Day-and-Date on PC, but Others Will Take a Year

PlayStation’s live service games could release a day and date on PC along with the usual PlayStation launch, but other types of games will last at least a year.

In an interview with YouTuber Julien Chieze, PlayStation CEO Hermen Hulst says, “I think we’re going to see at least a year going forward between our own PlayStation platform and the PC platform… with the possible exception of live service games. ”

He continues, “Live service games are inherently a little different because you want to have a really strong community and engagement right away when you go live. We could work day and night with PC and the PlayStation platform in the case of our live service offerings.”

PlayStation has pushed further into the PC market, releasing games like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Days Gone and Marvel’s Spider-Man on the platform. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection and Sackboy: A Big Adventure are also coming to PC this month, along with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and The Last of Us Part I sometime later.

PlayStation is also looking to expand its live service and multiplayer games, with studios like Haven working on a live service title and Naughty Dog developing a multiplayer game set in The Last of Us universe. Sony is also reportedly developing a multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe.

As PlayStation ventures into more live service games, it also means players don’t have to worry about the single-player narrative falling by the wayside.