PlayStation Plus Reveals Free Games for September 2022

Sony today revealed the free games coming to PlayStation Plus in September 2022. With August coming to an end today, this month’s free PS5 and PS4 games will also be arriving on PS Plus in just a few days. Fortunately, we now know which titles will replace the August list, and it happens to be a fairly diverse lineup.

Starting next week on September 6th and running until October 3rd, PS Plus Essential subscribers can add three new games to their own digital library on PS5 and PS4. This month’s chalkboard headline is probably that of Need for Speed ​​​​Heat, the latest installment in EA’s long-running racing series. To join NFS heat is Granblue Fantasy: Versusa popular fighting game by XSEED Games released on PS4 back in 2020. Finally the cute “Photo Adventure” game, Tomwill round out the new group of additions to PS Plus in September.

As usual, most of these new games coming to PlayStation Plus will be available on both PS5 and PS4. The only caveat concerns this time Tom, which happens to be exclusive to PS5. Even if you don’t own a PS5 console, you can still add Tom to your own library and play the game in the future once you get the latest PlayStation hardware.

If you want to learn more about all of these upcoming additions to PlayStation Plus, descriptions and trailers for each title are below.

Need for Speed ​​​​Heat

“A thrilling racing experience pits you against a city’s rogue police force as you battle your way into the elite of street racing. Race during the day and risk it all at night Need for Speed ​​Heat, a white-knuckled street racer where the lines of the law fade as the sun goes down. During the day, Palm City hosts the Speedhunter Showdown, a sanctioned competition where you earn money to customize and improve your high-performance cars. Increase the intensity at night in illegal street races that will boost your reputation and give you access to bigger races and better parts. But stay ready – the cops are waiting and not everyone is playing fair.”

Granblue Fantasy: Versus

“A new game in the Granblue Fantasy universe! This fantasy game combines fighting game action and RPG-style adventure. The great graphics and sound you expect from Granblue Fantasy with an intuitive game system that works for both console and easy to learn even for smartphone gamers . Jump on matches or enjoy powering up your characters!


“Embark on a delightful expedition and use your photo eye to uncover the mysteries of magic Tom in this hand drawn adventure game. Chat with quirky characters, solve their problems by taking neat photos and make your way through a relaxing landscape!”