PlatinumGames still plans to make live service games despite Babylon Fall’s fall

Babylon’s fall could have been a mistake, though PlatinumGames still intends to focus on live service games.

Last month, PlatinumGames broke the news that Babylon’s Fall servers were going down, and since it’s an online-only game, that means it’s gone forever. This wasn’t particularly surprising news considering that a few months ago the game literally only had one player online on Steam at any given point in time. But in a new interview from VGC, the studio’s CEO Atsushi Inaba hasn’t changed his plans to move forward with more live service titles (thanks, Eurogamer).

“Live service gaming is definitely something we want to do and are putting our effort into moving forward,” said Inaba. “There are sort of two pillars that we can look at internally for our development teams, namely the people in the same company.

“First, it’s just pure enjoyment of the core gameplay mechanics that you have in the live service game, and second, running the live service yourself. I think those two pillars are values ​​that need to be strongly connected and looked at internally, valued and valued by the same people, in the same team, in the same company.”

Inaba continued that when one side “is valued above the other, or when they’re not connected, things usually don’t go the way we would have liked.”

The CEO also expressed that the studio is “extremely sorry” that fans may have been disappointed when announcing the closure of the game’s servers.

Babylon’s Fall has struggled quite a bit from the start, with less than 1000 players playing the game on Steam when it launched, an incredibly bad omen, and one that has obviously led to the situation the game is in now. Anyone still playing Babylon’s Fall can expect the servers to shut down in February, just before the game’s one-year anniversary.