Olympic officials talk with 10 bidders for 2036 Summer Games

SEOUL, South Korea – The IOC is in talks with 10 potential candidates to host future summer games, the global group of national Olympic leaders was told on Thursday.

Interest in hosting the 2036 Olympics has been expressed by officials in countries such as Egypt, England, India, Indonesia and Qatar.

“We are currently working with 10 interested NOCs and regions on four continents,” said Christophe de Kepper, Director General of the International Olympic Committee, at the Association of National Olympic Committees meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

That the Olympics are the next available Summer Games, to be awarded in a largely secret process helmed by IOC officials to avoid both expensive public campaigning and a vote contested by multiple candidates.

The system, which selected Brisbane 11 years in advance to host 2032, was introduced following a French-led investigation into alleged vote-buying in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics bids. These campaigns were won by Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo respectively.

De Kepper said the 10 bid projects he did not identify “are at very different stages and are developing their ambitions according to their own regional or national timetables”.