Nintendo holiday event spotlights new indie games

Nintendo is currently hosting a major five-day showcase for indie games known as Inside the House of Indies – a daily show for the holidays that will showcase new and upcoming games coming to Nintendo Switch. Every day, Nintendo will unveil a new series of games via an eye-catching Nintendo Direct Mini-style video, with news then uploaded to its website.

If you’re looking for new Nintendo Switch games to entertain you over the holidays, stay tuned – one of the daily directs could shed some light on your near future.

We are doing it right now day one of the five days of revelations, with several new titles already announced. Starting today, players can join Floppy Knights and Mortal Shell: Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch, both available for the first time on the platform.

Two more Nintendo games to look forward to in the coming months were also revealed on day one.

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Roman Sand RE:Build is an “insane journey into the apocalypse that collides through visual novel, adventure, puzzle-solving, horror and survival simulation”. It will be released for Nintendo Switch in summer 2023 [Northern Hemisphere] and is probably a spooky entry in the horror game canon.

On the healthier front, Nintendo has announced a port Pupperazzi for Nintendo Switch. With this photo game you can spend hours photographing dogs in different situations, your task taking place in a colorful cartoon-like world. It will be released for Nintendo Switch in early 2023.

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The second day of the House of Indies Holiday Event will air December 20, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. PT, with three more days of revelations to follow. The showcase ends on December 23rd, probably with a nice bow to cap off a fun week of announcements.

If you want to hear more from Nintendo in the coming weeks, stay tuned to the House of Indies hub for new surprises every day.