Nick Boyle explains why he needs to play in 2022 preseason games

Baltimore Ravens tight end Nick Boyle has had a difficult year and a half. He suffered a gruesome knee injury during a midseason game against the New England Patriots in 2020 and then was in and out of the lineup in 2021 trying to make a full recovery. However, things are looking good as the 2022 season approaches as he appears to be on form and ready to get back on the field

Boyle spoke to the media after a training session at the Baltimore training camp and answered a variety of questions. Answering one of them, he explained why attending the Ravens’ 2022 preseason games will be important to him and discussed how the live-game reps are the ones you can’t reach on the practice field.

“Oh yes. Certainly. I have to play in the pre-season games. I think that would be really good for me. I wouldn’t want to play in those. I think those are repetitions that you can’t get out of the practice field, although you can in pads. I’m looking forward to playing.”

Now that Boyle is back to health, he will be able to help with both the running and passing game. He’s a hugely important part of the team’s offense, and while veterans like Boyle sometimes don’t play in any preseason games, he feels like being on the field and getting replays in a game before is important to him they actually start counting .