NFL TV Guide: Week 2 schedule, what games are on in New England? Western. Mass gets Tom Brady, but not Boston

If you want to watch the New England Patriots game or the NFL RedZone on Sunday, your NFL TV experience will be pretty simple. But if you want to see what other games are on, things are getting a little weird for the week 2 TV schedule.


In Week 2, the Patriots vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game will be the game to watch on CBS for fans in Massachusetts and most of New England. But what about Tom Brady and the Buccaneers over on FOX? Well, that’s where things get complicated. Massachusetts fans will get one of three games on FOX depending on where they live on Sunday. That’s a lot to keep track of, so here’s a quick NFL TV program guide to break down what games are on which channel in New England.

(NOTE: It’s a single header for FOX this weekend, meaning you get either an early game or a late game — but not both.)

NFL TV Card: If you want to know what game is being televised/streamed in your location, check out 506 Sports’ handy NFL TV map.


  • New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers | Television: CBS | Electricity: DirectTV, NFL+, Outstanding+
  • Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens | Television: CBS (out of market)
  • New York Jets at Cleveland Browns | Television: CBS (out of market)
  • Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars | Television: CBS (out of market)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints | Television: FUCHS | Electricity: DirectTV, NFL+ (Hampden/Franklin/Hampden County, Rhode Island, Maine)
  • Carolina Panthers vs. New York Giants | TV: FOX (Connecticut, Vermont, SW New Hampshire, western edge of Mass.)
  • Washington Commanders at Detroit Lions | TV: FOX (not on the market)

What games are held in New England?

Most of the country will broadcast the Patriots-Steelers game on CBS. However, the far western edge of Massachusetts (and a corner of Vermont) will get the Jets-Browns game.

This is where it gets difficult. TV markets will only get one FOX game this Sunday. If you live in east or central Massachusetts, there’s not going to be an early FOX game on TV. But if you live in Hampden, Hampshire or Franklin County in northeast New Hampsire, Maine, Rhode Island, you can catch Tom Brady playing Bucs-Saints.

Meanwhile, Connecticut, Vermont, part of New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts will all get the Giants-Panthers game.


  • Cincinnati Bengals at the Dallas Cowboys | Television: CBS | Electricity: DirectTV, NFL+, Outstanding+
  • Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders | Television: CBS (out of market)
  • Houston Texans at Denver Broncos | Television: CBS (out of market)
  • Atlanta Falcons at the Los Angeles Rams | Television: FUCHS | Electricity: DirectTV, NFL+ (Eastern central mass.)
  • Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers | TV: FOX (not on the market)

What games are held in New England?

On the CBS side, things are simple. Everyone in New England gets the Bengals Cowboys late afternoon slot game. On the FOX side, most of New England doesn’t have a late afternoon game as they have an early afternoon game. Eastern and Central Mass. get the Falcons-Rams late slot game so it doesn’t conflict with the Patriots early slot game.

Sunday night game: 8:20 p.m

  • Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers | Television: NBC | Stream: DirecTV, NFL+

It’s a primetime matchup for one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. The Bears pull off a Week 1 win at a rain-soaked Soldier Field and will look to maintain that momentum against the Packers. Meanwhile, Green Bay will try to get Aaron Rodgers working after he fell against the Vikings in Week 1.

Why can I only watch certain games on TV? What does it mean for streaming? – NFL TV rights are restrictive when it comes to Sundays. Fans only get access to one game per channel. Sometimes that can mean a fan in Berkshire County, Massachusetts getting the Jets game instead of the Patriots game in the early CBS slot. It can also mean that a Connecticut fan can get a Giants game in late FOX slot while a Massachusetts fan sees the Packers.

These limitations carry over to streaming services like DirecTV, Paramount+, and even NFL+. Fans only have access to games that are available in their area. So if the Patriots game isn’t being televised in your location, you can’t use streaming to watch an out of print game.

The only way to watch out-of-market NFL games is to sign up for the NFL Sunday Ticket, which grants access to every game for $293.96 for the entire season.