NFL live streams: How to watch 2022 preseason football games online without cable

Some sports fans might groan at the idea of ​​watching preseason football, but NFL fanatics absolutely love it. It’s easy to see why.

Preseason is the first opportunity for many to see their team’s youngsters on the field as they compete for spots on the 53-man roster and practice team. Some teams will also share a glimpse of some of their new, veteran acquisitions, something that’s sure to delight NFL fans around the world.

Yes, many teams — like Sean McVay’s Rams — are moving away from playing one of their starters in the preseason. Still, these games can tell fans and fantasy owners about it a lot of about roster depth, so many will even want to see these teams in action.

There are 49 games lined up for the second straight preseason as the process has been cut from four to three weeks ahead of the 2021 season. Here’s a look at how you can watch and live stream all 49 of those competitions as you prepare for the 2022 NFL regular season.

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How to live stream NFL preseason games

Because of the huge packages that CBS, Fox, NBC, and Amazon Prime pay to get exclusive rights to games, there are typically few opportunities to stream NFL regular-season games. Preseason makes it a little easier for NFL fans to find streaming options.

There are only a handful of nationally televised competitions during the preseason. These networks will broadcast the exclusive streams of these competitions, but the other 40+ games will be available on a few centralized streaming platforms.

Below is a breakdown of the different ways fans can follow the pre-season action in 2022:

National broadcasts

Yes, even preseason games get a little national attention. It’s not necessarily because they’re going to move in Celebration Audience; It’s more about each network revving up their top broadcast team for 2022 and getting back into the calling games groove.

This year, five of the 49 pre-season competitions will be broadcast on national networks and one will be broadcast on Amazon Prime. ESPN will air two of the games, while Fox, NBC and CBS will air just one each.

ESPN will stream games live the ESPN app and its website; The NBC stream can be accessed via the NBC Sports app, peacock or its website; CBS will stream games live the CBS Sports app and on his website. All providers require users to sign in using the TV provider’s credentials.

Meanwhile, NFL Network will broadcast 22 preseason games in 2022, all of which can be streamed regionally NFL app or through the official NFL website. NFL Network will also broadcast replays of all 49 preseason games that air regularly throughout August and the first few weeks of September.


The NFL used to offer all of its preseason games on NFL Game Pass, a year-long subscription service that broadcast all out-of-market preseason competitions live. Now that requirement will fall on NFL+ in the US

NFL+ is a new streaming service that the NFL is rolling out to effectively replace Game Pass. It provides access to all live off-market preseason games, live, locally broadcast regular and postseason competitions, as well as full and abridged game replays.

NFL+ is only $39.99 annually compared to $99.99 for Game Pass. It also comes with a seven-day free trial. So if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to get access to NFL preseason games, NFL+ is a great choice for you.


Any preseason game that airs nationally or on the NFL Network can also be streamed on fuboTV, which comes with a free trial. That’s 27 of the 49 preseason games in 2022.

Similar to NFL+, fuboTV offers access to the original programming of the NFL Network. This includes shows like Total Access, NFL GameDay, and Good Morning Football, as well as programs from other networks.

NFL Preseason Schedule: Week 1

Note: Nationally televised matches are listed in bold.

Thursday, August 4th (Hall of Fame game)

Game time (ET) TV
Jaguars vs. Raiders (Canton, Ohio) 8 p.m NBC, fuboTV

Thursday 11 August

Game time (ET) TV
Giants at Patriots 19 o’clock NFL Network
Titans at Ravens 19:30 o’clock open

Friday 12 August

Game time (ET) TV
hawks at lions 6 p.m NFL Network
Browns at Jaguars 19 o’clock open
Cardinals in Bengal 19:30 o’clock open
Jets at Eagles 19:30 o’clock open
Packers at 49ers 8:30 p.m NFL Network

Saturday August 13th

Game time (ET) TV
Panther at commanders 13 o’clock open
bosses at bears 13 o’clock NFL Network
Stallions at bills 4 p.m NFL Network
Seahawks at Steelers 19 o’clock NFL Network
Dolphins at Buccaneers 19:30 o’clock open
Saints in Texans 8 p.m open
Cowboys at Broncos 21 clock NFL Network
Aries at chargers 22 O `clock open

Sunday 14 August

Game time (ET) TV
Vikings at Raiders 4:25 p.m NFL Network

Channels will be announced at a later date

NFL Preseason Schedule: Week 2

Thursday 18 August

Game time (ET) TV
Bears at Seahawks 8 p.m ESPN, fuboTV

Friday 19 August

Game time (ET) TV
Panthers at Patriots 19 o’clock NFL Network
Saints at Packers 8 p.m open
Texans at Rams 22 O `clock NFL Network

Saturday August 20th

Game time (ET) TV
Broncos on bills 13 o’clock NFL Network
Lions at Colts 13 o’clock open
Commanders at Chiefs 4 p.m NFL Network
Steelers at Jaguars 19 o’clock open
predators in dolphins 19 o’clock open
49ers at Vikings 19 o’clock open
Buccaneers at Titans 19 o’clock NFL Network
Cowboys at Chargers 22 O `clock NFL Network

Sunday 21 August

Game time (ET) TV
Eagles at Browns 13 o’clock NFL Network
Bengal at Giants 19 o’clock NFL Network
Ravens at cardinals 8 p.m Fuchs, fuboTV

Monday 22 August

Game time (ET) TV
Falcons at Jets 8 p.m ESPN, fuboTV

Channels will be announced at a later date

NFL Preseason Schedule: Week 3

Thursday 25 August

Game time (ET) TV
Packers at Chiefs 8 p.m NFL Network
49ers in Texans 8 p.m Amazon Prime

Friday 26 August

Game time (ET) TV
Bills at Panthers 19 o’clock open
Seahawks at Cowboys 8 p.m NFL Network
Chargers at Saints 8 p.m open
Patriots at Raiders 8:15 p.m open

Saturday 27 August

Game time (ET) TV
Jaguars at Falcons 3 pm NFL Network
Aries at Bengal 6 p.m NFL Network
Bears at Browns 19 o’clock open
Commanders at Ravens 19 o’clock open
Eagles at Dolphins 19 o’clock open
Cardinals at Titans 19 o’clock open
Buccaneers at Colts 19:30 o’clock open
Vikings at Broncos 21 clock NFL Network

Sunday 28 August

Game time (ET) TV
Giants at jets 13 o’clock NFL Network
Lions at Steelers 4:30 p.m CBS

Channels will be announced at a later date