New Mafia game under development

According to 2K Games, a new mafia video game is currently in development.

In a blog post celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mafia games franchise, General Manager Roman Hladik said a brand new Mafia project is on the way. Aside from confirming it was en route, not many details are available yet. Hladik mentioned in the post that it’s still a few years away, which means we most likely won’t see the game for the next year or two. While this may seem like a long time, it’s par for the course for the game’s development time. The original mafia game was released back in 2002 and was well received by critics. Its sequel, Mafia II, came out in 2010, a full eight years later. The third game in the series, Mafia III, followed six years later in 2016.

These long gaps between game releases give us a glimpse into the developer’s development cycle. Mafia developers take their time to ensure they can deliver a game that lives up to their standards. All Mafia games released at the time of writing this article have positive reviews, except for the lower rating of the third game. Overall, however, this game is definitely something to look forward to.

New mafia game release date estimates

If the gap between the previous games is any indication, we can expect at least six years of development. This means that the game will come out no earlier than 2028, no later than 2030. Of course, the release date could come earlier due to the increasing experience of the developers. While there’s no definitive release date yet, it’s important to manage expectations.

While waiting for the game to develop, interested players can try the previous games in the series. The original version of the first game, Mafia, is currently available for free on Steam. Hurry though because the free game is only available until September 5th. If players want to check out the other games in the series, there’s an ongoing franchise sale through September 9th. Players can save up to 67% on all mafia games.

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