Most Rewarding Trophies To Hunt For From September 2022’s Games

When players usually try to work on a PlayStation Trophy list, the first things they look for are easy and hard trophies. Players will often like to know what are the most difficult tasks that lie ahead while noting down the achievements that unlock naturally. It can also be helpful to write down odd trophy goals as players might remember to complete them during their playthroughs and save time. However, satisfying trophies are often underestimated despite being the best part of the hunt.


Obviously the most satisfying PlayStation trophies of all are Platinums, but there are many worthwhile ones outside of this tier. Those interested in entertaining trophy hunts need look no further than the biggest games of September 2022. Packed with trophies players will be proud of, both PlayStation Plus titles and major new releases strike the perfect balance of grins and fun.

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Satisfactory Trophies in September 2022 PS Plus Games

The adorable indie game Tom not only has some unique trophies to collect, but also some worthwhile ones. A True Completist challenges players to complete every quest in the game, and with a few dozen of them, it’s going to take some work to complete. Considering that this objective only asks players to see all the important content in the game, despite taking some time and effort, it never feels like a chore – the perfect recipe for a fun trophy. “Collect Them All” is a similar case in that players must photograph every creature in the base game Tom for this trophy – a simple task that pays off after photographing 54 creatures.

While the requirement to get a multiplayer win is in Granblue Fantasy Verse leads to a potentially difficult PlayStation trophy, Granblue Know-It-All is a thoroughly satisfying trophy for fans of the game. After completing the story and all DLC chapters, players can search all of their unlocked glossary entries for lore and a trophy. As for Need for Speed ​​​​Heatthe last Essential PS Plus game, I Said Right Now!, rewards players for winning a race with a car with a performance rating above 400. As this requires elite upgrades alongside a high rep level, the trophy is the perfect reward for players who have worked to improve their vehicle of choice.

Reward trophies in Big Game releases in September 2022

At the PlayStation end of the spectrum, no September release has been as much talked about and debated as The Last of Us Part 1. Though gamers debated the existence of the PS5 remake and whether it had to happen, few can argue against it The Last of Us Part 1‘s trophy list is fun and rewarding.

In addition to trophies that reward players for flawlessly defeating Riley in a squirt gun fight or Black Fang in the combat mini-game, there’s “That’s All I Got”. This trophy is unlocked when players have endured all of Ellie’s puns, which takes time but is consistently fun. Similarly, Master of Unlocking urges players to open each Shiv Door, which is a great collectible type as useful crafting materials can be found behind each one. Getting to Know You is another trophy that proves satisfying, as it’s unlocked after listening to each optional conversation and getting to know the cast better.

The Last of Us Part 1 however, wasn’t the only game with an enjoyable trophy-hunting experience. While many of Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s trophies are ridiculously tricky, Valley’s Helper feels good to unlock. Not only is it a gold, but players acquire it after opening each biome, a process that allows them to fully explore the valley and collect all of its materials. “This is how it’s done!” out Session: Skate Sim challenges players to reach Pro status with manual catch enabled, which is not an easy task. After all, the game itself has already been criticized for being a bit too difficult, so reaching that goal is likely to be a huge relief and achievement for many.

Not Shaken, Nor Stirred is another trophy worth highlighting. Although it is the most difficult goal in Rythym game Hellsingers made of metal, it’s not too difficult to never get out of step in a Hell. However, it requires some skill and mastery of the game mechanics, since players can only perform good or perfect actions for the duration of an entire level if they want this trophy. Luckily, players only have to do this in a single Hell, so with enough practice PlayStation Fans should be able to unlock this somewhat difficult but rewarding silver trophy.

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