LG Display Makes OLED Fun With Racing Games, Campfire Concepts

CES TVs come in two flavors: regular screens to look forward to in stores later this year, and weird concepts that show what’s possible and make for a good photo and video op. When I visited the private booth of LG Display, a company that makes OLED screens not only for LG but also for other brands, I was immediately attracted by its strange concepts.

The tour kicked off with a series of standard OLED screens using the company’s new high-brightness panels. Launch later this year, but then it got funny. First up was a sophisticated gaming rig designed for racers, complete with floor pedals and a curved back chair. The display in question was a 45-inch ultra-wide gaming monitor with an 800R curvature that felt super immersive once I took the wheel.

This monitor is indeed shipping soon (without the chair, pedals and steering wheel), but the other two concepts I liked are just for show for now. One is a 42-inch OLED TV with two huge round speakers on either side. They actually obscure the screen until a motor on the stand activates and they continue to move sideways.

The other was relatively small, a 27-inch OLED concept that LG Display calls the LG Glow. The charming setup began with the display showing a crackling fire in vertical portrait mode. I was able to lift the display on the stand arm and swivel it to the horizontal landscape orientation while the screen switched to a more standard display with a music player. Not sure how useful it is, but it sure looked cool. Um, warm.

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