Kyrie Irving denies report that he only wants to play 60 games per season

Kyrie Irving: Cap Gif denies Rich Bucher’s report that he only wanted to play 60 games.
Source: Twitter @KyrieIrving

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Kyrie Irving wanted his new contract to guarantee he didn’t have to play more than 60 games, didn’t have to play back-to-back games, which he described as “inhuman”.… – 3:47 a.m

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NBA Coverage:
Kevin Durant is still close to James Harden.
Kevin Durant still wants to play with James Harden.
Kevin Durant is mad at Nets for dealing with Kyrie Irving.
James Harden was fed up with Kyrie Irving.
Kevin Durant still wants to play with Kyrie Irving. 🤷‍♂️ – 9:27 p.m

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Report Summary: Sixers could enter the Kevin Durant Sweepstakes, but their best package likely won’t; the Lakers now offer 2 picks for Kyrie Irving; The preferred destination of Boston KD; Pelicans interested – 6:58 p.m

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Games played for the Nets last year:
Kevin Durant….55
James Harden..44
Kyrie Irving…….29
Joe Harris……….14
Ben Simmons..0
I don’t see how Steve Nash and Sean Marks are at fault, but if you say so, okay. – 4:53 p.m


Kyrie Irving’s agent says he doesn’t hate Nets’ Sean Marks Steve Nash… – 1:38 p.m

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Irving’s agent: “Kyrie doesn’t hate” Steve Nash, Sean Marks… – 12.00

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Kyrie Irving hates neither Sean Marks nor Steve Nash: Agent #Nets #nba… about @nypostsports9:09 p.m

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we @FrontOfficeShow is up! @Trevor_Lane and I fire up the Kevin Cannon and we talk about anything to do with KD and his trade request. We’re also talking a little Kyrie, when the schedule might come out, some transactions, and more! Watch, like and subscribe below. 20,000 soon! – 6:20 p.m

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Kyrie Irving reportedly shares Durant’s ideas on Nash, Marks… – 4:17 p.m

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Report: Like Durant, Kyrie Irving isn’t a fan of Steve Nash, Sean Marks… – 1:33 p.m

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Tuesday is @LockedOnLakers Podcasts! Kevin Durant repeats his trade request. How will this affect KD, Kyrie and the Lakers? Also, the similarities between Brooklyn’s mayhem and the Lakers’ with Russ. #FirstListen @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods… – 11:08 am

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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s relationship with the Nets coaching staff has been a wild ride…
A thread 🧵
In 2019, KD claimed that one of the reasons he wanted to come to Brooklyn was because of head coach Kenny Atkinson (based on some YouTube research): a.m

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Went long on the latest news on this season of APOCALYPSE NETS. 🔓
Joe Tsai Options:
1. Brand & Nash
2. Trading KD & Kyrie
3. Change KD’s mind
4. Calling KD’s bluff
I don’t think #4 is in the best interests of the networks. But I’m committed to it.… – 8:58 a.m

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Kyrie and KD for Anthony Davis – 10:07 p.m

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One can only consider Sean Marks a failed GM if one believes that entrusting his team to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving failed. – 9:54 p.m

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Kyrie has had some amazing, incredible one-liners in his remarkable career, but this one might just be the best:
“When I say I’m here with Kevin (Durant), I think it really means that we’re co-running this franchise with Joe (Tsai) and Sean (Marks).” p.m

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When Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Nets in the summer of 2019 and the Nets said yes, they failed to read the terms and conditions that come with these one-of-a-kind Superstars. More for @NYDNSports… – 6:20 p.m

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The Nets won more playoff games (1) in 2019 with Kenny Atkinson as head coach and Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen and D’Angelo Russell on the roster than in 2022 with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the roster.
And in 2019, Brooklyn had heaps of cap space and all their picks – 3:29 p.m

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Thinking back to that podcast where Kyrie said, “Here we feel like we’re all head coaches.” What an era! – 3:05 p.m

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With all that has been said about the choice between KD or the trainer and GM, I would again keep the Kyrie situation in mind
No report lol- 2:38 p.m

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Ric Bucher: Joe Tsai has already shown he’s ready to play hard with Kyrie by taking maximum overtime off the table almost immediately. Well, part of that Kyrie could do. I’m told he wanted his new contract to guarantee he wouldn’t have to play more than 60 games in a season and not have to play back-to-backs, which he appears to call inhumane. -via Apple Podcasts / August 11, 2022 Ric Bucher: I was told they wanted to trade Kyrie halfway through last season and KD told them absolutely not. And they went with me. Now I’ve also been told while they’re still good friends that KD might not value him as much as a teammate. I’m not sure about this. -via Apple Podcasts / August 11, 2022 Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, MA: Kyrie Irving’s focus for this season is “killing everything.” “He’s sticking to his commitment and there’s excitement.” Per source: “He’s signed on. He’ll play.” “He’s in the gym non-stop.” -over Twitter / August 10, 2022