Justin Medeiros Continues Moving Day Trend at the CrossFit Games

Credit: Enrique V Media

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Each male athlete had a busy day in Madison, WI as they completed three more events. Saturday is traditionally known as ‘moving day’ and Justin Medeiros continued this historic trend by taking the leader’s jersey and some bespoke NOBULL kicks.

The details: There were three events on the schedule that tested the athletes in drastically different ways. Rinse N’ Repeat, which Roman Khrennikov won, combined swimming with ski erg calories. Guilherme Malheiros won hat trick, a three-round blaster with a sprint, wall ball shots, and dumbbell snatches.

The last event, Sandbag Ladder, was a pure showdown. The men had to take turns lifting sandbags. They started at 240 pounds and tried to complete the ladder that went up to 340 pounds.

Medeiros didn’t win any of the three events, but he just did what was necessary Getting the leader’s jersey for the first time in 2022. He finished Rinse N’ Repeat in seventh place, two places ahead of leader Ricky Garard.

  • Medeiros continued to accumulate points by finishing second in the hat-trick. He completed all three laps in 4:01.83 while Garard finished 12th with a time of 4:18.37.
  • That performance was enough to give Medeiros an 11-point lead in the last event of the day. Although he would need another strong performance to keep the jersey.

Neither Garard nor Medeiros won the final event on Moving Day. That honor went to Malheiros and Nick Mathew, both of whom were tied in the tie-break after failing to lift the 350-pound sandbag.

  • Medeiros and Garard both lifted the 330-pound sack, but they didn’t manage to lift the 340-pound sack. They went to the tiebreak with Saxon Panchik, who also completed 330lbs before failing at 340.
  • Medeiros still had some gas in the tank, which he used to throw the three remaining sandbags over the yoke. He beat Panchik across the finish line while Garard finished third. This helped him add another six points to his total and held the lead to the final day.

repeat history: Medeiros taking the leader’s jersey without winning an event is nothing new. He did just that in 2021, scoring 12 top 10 finishes in the first 14 events. Medeiros then won the final event to cement his place in the history books.

A close race: Medeiros holds the top spot after extending his lead by six points while Garard sits in second place heading into Sunday. Khrennikov is 25 points adrift of second place after earning a 13th place finish in the sandbag ladder. All three have shown they are capable of winning the CrossFit Games in their first 10 events, but they need to keep that momentum going.

This trio seems to have a stranglehold on the podium. Jeffrey Adler (fourth), Panchik (fifth) and Kwant (sixth) are all within striking distance. Although Adler is 148 points behind Khrennikov with three events remaining.

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