It’s Time for Fighting Games Get Better Story Modes

Fighting games are not necessarily known for their stories. That’s not to say that some fighting games don’t have entertaining stories, but they’re usually not the main attraction of the genre. Fans don’t typically spend hundreds of dollars on custom arcade sticks to better experience the immersive narrative. While some fans love her stories, most are drawn to the combo-breaking action. People flock to games like street fighter, Mortal Kombator Tekken to hone their skills, challenge their friends, or work their way up the competitive ladder, and outside of practice, most single player options are secondary.

In a world where games are getting a lot bigger and offering more features, the bare-bones style of fighting games feels a bit empty. Most modern single-player games feature sprawling open worlds with myriad tasks, such as: B. Side quests that add up to a huge narrative. On the other hand, several multiplayer games – in addition to a single-player campaign – offer dozens of modes for players to choose from. With new games offering multiplayer along with countless other modes and immersive narratives for players to experience, it can be difficult for some to spend $60 on a new game that doesn’t offer quite as many features.

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Several fighting games have stories, but they don’t offer full “story modes” for players. In fact, most major fighting game series like it Tekken and street fighter have ongoing narratives with each game. Unfortunately, these stories usually play out in small screens and text boxes at the end of an arcade mode or as unlockables. The story for several of these games serves as a reward for completing certain objectives rather than as a separate mode to experience. Years ago this wasn’t an issue as most fighting games prided themselves on one-on-one combat between players, but now that approach can feel a bit dated.

Most fighting games are rich in characters that have very different stories and playstyles, and each of them could be the star of an interesting story. As diverse as they are, developers could easily create campaigns that incorporate different characters with unique playstyles and weave those gameplay sections into a complete story. The story mode could also have a completely different genre than the other modes. Fighting games have so many characters that the genre for their stories can be unique. Beat ’em ups, shooters, platformers, and RPGs could all work in a fighting game’s campaign.

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Some fighting games already have pretty good stories. While Mortal KombatThe plot of can be confusing at times, each game creates an immersive story that fans have fallen in love with. Behind the same company Mortal KombatNetherRealm Studios also created those injustice Series that has one of the best stories in gaming. Street Fight VI also appears to be redesigning itself to offer a more in-depth story mode that will change the formula of the series. Even games like Super Smash Bros. have created campaigns that players can spend time with when not fighting their friends. Likewise, most anime like fighting games dragon ball allow players to play through the story of this anime.

Fighting games have been around almost as long as video games. They paved the way for competitive gaming, and nothing beats sitting on the couch and playing a game against a friend Tekken. As times have changed, fighting games must change with them. A story mode would help fighting games compete against other AAA games that are released and it would give players more bang for their buck. Likewise, it could create new and interesting gameplay and stories, and lead to innovations in the genre in general. Almost every fighting game has a rich and interesting story, and it’s time for fighting game developers to let players experience it to the fullest.