How New Like A Dragon Games & Yakuza Are Connected

Like a Dragon may have changed its name, but the series still has the same spirit and style that made yakuza games of the past so popular.

That yakuza Series will be known as Like a dragon beginning with the coming Like a dragon 8, and the new games have many ties to the past. Although little was shown of what was to come Like a dragon Games so far there is already a lot to discuss about it. It will be interesting to see how much of the past comes through in the upcoming titles.

That Ryu Ga Gotoku series, a name meaning “Like a Dragon”, began in 2005 and was known outside of Japan as yakuza until the announcement that the series would be known internationally Like a dragon start with Like a dragon Gaiden. The first six games followed the story of Kazuma Kiryu, a tough ex-yakuza fighting the highest levels of the underworld. in the Yakuza 7the torch was passed to 2020’s main protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, a kind-hearted ex-yakuza who aspires to live his life like an American hero dragon quest Series.


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The most obvious connection between the old and new games is Kiryu himself. In the first six games, he was the protagonist and the driving force behind the plot. This ended with his faked death at the end Yakuza 6, which was thought to be the end of his story. But his return in Yakuza: Like a dragon showed that his role in the storyline was not over. With his return as a protagonist alongside Ichiban as one of Like a dragon 8‘s returning characters, Kiryu is the common thread that connects the old games to the new.

Like A Dragon brings the spirit of yakuza to the JRPG genre

A second connection between the games is the substory system. Sub-stories are one of the most iconic parts of the Like a dragon Series and a large part of their appeal. Both Kiryu and Ichiban have many opportunities in the games to help those in need. These quests often go in strange and bizarre directions, and are often the best source of humor in the games. Additionally, they can also be surprisingly cordial, giving more legitimacy to Kiryu and Ichiban’s reputations as good guys despite their criminal pasts. As sub-stories survived the switch to RPG-style gameplay, and Like a dragon will remain turn-based, expect them to return Like a dragon 8 also.

Ironically, another connection between the games is the seventh game itself. Ryu Ga Gotoku 7 was published internationally as Yakuza: Like a dragon, taking the original name and using it as the subtitle. This choice proved more than fitting as the game served as a bridge for old players to embrace the new style of the series in the future. The over-the-top heat actions of past games are reflected in many of the special moves Ichiban and his friends are capable of, and the contrast between wacky characters and serious drama remains intact. There are many reasons to hope so Like a dragon 8 can further improve Like a dragon‘s formula while keeping in mind what makes the series great.

Even with the genre change, the spirit of remains Like a dragon still lives on. The series’ strong writing style, likable characters, and quirky sense of humor have consistently impressed gamers Like a dragon 8 having both protagonists has given the fans even more cause for excitement. Like a dragon 8 fans should expect the same high quality they knew from the show yakuza Series.