Honda Civic Gauge Cluster Swap

Honda Civic Gauge Cluster Swap. Boy was that a mistake. Very cheap on amazon. around $8.

Honda CRX Del Sol gauge cluster LED ? Plasma mod YouTube

On my old 97 civic the temp gauge. tach gauge. and any other part of the cluster had its own separate wire. I swapped the 94 dx manual cluster for a 92 ex cluster. It is a model hr0279 and my original is a hr 0390.

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The first thing i did was go to a local wrecking yard and picked up a gauge cluster for free(the guy likes me). Slide in the new cluster close enough to plug in the five connections.

DIY cluster swap 2003 2004 dx also available for

You can unscrew the speedo from your dx cluster and also unscrew the speedo from the ex cluster. swap them around and put everything back together. put the ex cluster with your old speedo. back in your car. The two plug ins are the same. but once installed the gauges dont work.

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I swapped the 94 dx manual cluster for a 92 ex cluster. The only thing i can think of is the mm.


These are obtainable swaps that can be modded with leds. f. 1.) the gear selection display because it is from an automatic.

Civic Swap GSR 04 LX Cluster

Connect the plugs to the new cluster. I did it on a civic.

I swapped the 94 dx manual cluster for a 92 ex cluster. Connect the plugs to the new cluster.

Installation Is The Reversal Of Removal.

Hi there. i have a 2003 honda civic ex. Screw the gauge cluster back into place. The fitment may be a little different in hatches but should work.

My Dealership Actually Scratched My Gauge Cluster When They Were Detailing My Car (Probably Used The Same Rag For The Whole Car).

Well. ive recently come accross an opportunity to get my hands on a gsr gauge cluster in my price range. Honda civic gen tech and builds / show offs. In todays upload i show you guys how i did my cluster swap into my ek honda civic.

It Is A Model Hr0279 And My Original Is A Hr 0390.

Swapped a 2004 civic lx cluster in my 98 ek gsr Novus #2 is the scratch remover and #1 is a polish after you buff the scratches. Cant speak for honda. but i know for a fact some ecus also store the mileage separate from the cluster. more then a few odometer roll back/cluster swap scams have been busted over the years because of this.

With The Honda. I Have An Android Tablet On The Dash With A Software Stack That Debuted On The 2016 Civic And Accord.

With my 01 civic. the temp and tach are both on. As long as all the signal wires are still split of the same between 7th gen and 8th gen it shouldnt be to much of a problem. 97 civic. ap2 cluster. dseries engine (soon to be bseries) let me know if you have any questions i did use the other guys eg s2000 cluster thread that was in stickied to cross reference the info i did have.

On My Old 97 Civic The Temp Gauge. Tach Gauge. And Any Other Part Of The Cluster Had Its Own Separate Wire.

My car is a 95 honda civic dx and i want to put an si cluster in it with a tach. but how many different generations can i use? I added the ek9 bezel. Boy was that a mistake.