Height Gauge Procedure

Height Gauge Procedure. Procedure of using vernier height gauge : For v ernier calliper/micrometer/height gauge :

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Safety glasses must be worn at all times. Use of height and weight scales. If the height of the object is greater than the range of the height gauge then a simple method can be used.

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Use of height and weight scales. The major tests on vernier height gauge are straightness. squareness. the parallelism of the working faces of the beam. measuring jaw and scriber and.

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2.lower the scribe and bring the reference plane into good contact with the surface plate. Measure the samples at indicated places and record as per the format observation table:

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Mitutoyo height gauge equipment standard operating procedure kimberly appel 1. To measure the height from reference surface:

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②set the height gauge reading to 0.00mm. Take the material (sample) for which the value must be measured.

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Using gage blocks. check the height gage from the surface plate to its full height in. Dry the surface of the protective sticker of the digital height gauge.

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They come in both digital and mechanical formats and offer a variety of output resolutions. Specification of a vernier height gauge is made by specifying the range of measurement. type of scale required. and any particular requirement regarding the type of vernier desired.

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A height gauge is a measuring device used for determining the height of objects. and for marking of items to be worked on. December 1. 2017 pages 5. Devices similar in concept. with lower resolutions. are used in.

Fix The Measuring Jaw Of The Digital Height Gauge.

Do not apply excessive force to the sliding and locking mechanisms of the height gauge. Almost all height gauges come equipped with a scriber which is used to find the top of the piece being measured. Reposition the dial indicator stylus to the surface to be measured. and adjust the height gauge so that the dial

Height Gage Calibration Purpose The Purpose Of This Procedure Is To Provide General Instructions For The Calibration Of Height Gages.

Digital height gauges only need one scale to be verified. Measure the height of the block separately and take the object measurements from the surface of the block. Dry the surface of the protective sticker of the digital height gauge.

They Come In Both Digital And Mechanical Formats And Offer A Variety Of Output Resolutions.

Height gauges consist of a sliding carriage with a moving stylus or scribe that is mounted to a vertical axis beam or column that contains a measuring scale. This height gage has an electronic microprocessor providing the ability to preset a reference height at any position as well as to set a temporary zero position and return to a true zero reading. Check the zero of main and vernier scale to be coinciding.

Raise The Parallel To The Top Of The Column And Then Indicate The Top Of The Parallel To Check Square Of The Column To The Base.

The precision measurement group at cross offers iso 17025. Take the material (sample) for which the value must be measured. Use of height and weight scales.