Guerrilla Games’ New Job Listing Confirms Multiplayer Horizon Project

Guerrilla Games recently shared a new one tweet, which reveals that the studio is looking for new talent, particularly in the multiplayer department, to expand the Horizon universe. The descriptions for some of the available locations contain lines confirming that a multiplayer Horizon game is in development.

A few months ago we heard rumors about Guerrilla Games developing a multiplayer Horizon experience, and now the studio is indirectly confirming the speculation via its recent job postings.

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As VGC reports, the studio is currently looking for new talent in 17 positions, and if you take a quick look at some of these job advertisements, you can clearly mention a new multiplayer project in the Horizon universe. An advertisement for hiring an experienced battle designer reveals that the game will have a cooperative mode.

Following the sensational success of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4, Sony invested heavily in the new franchise, leading to the release of Horizon: Forbidden West and the upcoming VR spin-off, Horizon: Call of the Mountain. Now, expanding into multiplayer is the next big step for this popular franchise, which VGC sources say was originally intended to be part of the original game.

Sony previously announced that the company plans to launch up to 10 multiplayer (GaaS) projects by 2026, and it seems that the multiplayer Horizon project could be one of them. It remains unknown for now whether this multiplayer project will be a free-to-play experience or not.

For now, this multiplayer project seems to be the only thing we know about future Guerrilla Games titles. Also, Horizon Forbidden West is expected to come to PC sometime in the future, much like its predecessor. The same is unlikely to happen for Horizon: Call of the Mountain, however, as Sony has yet to release a PSVR exclusive on PC.

Besides Horizon, Guerrilla Games is also responsible for the Killzone franchise, but the series has not received an update for a long time.

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