Great Games For Fans Of The MCU (That Are Not Marvel Or DC Games)

Everyone loves the MCU. While many experience some level of superhero burnout when it comes to movies and TV shows, games are different. There are dozens of amazing Marvel and DC games for MCU fans to enjoy.

However, if fans are looking for something different, something more unique and niche while still carrying that superhero essence, this list is for them. Here are some great games for fans of the MCU outside of the Marvel and DC sphere.


8/8 Notorious


Suckerpunch’s third-person action-adventure masterpiece is a superhero game in all but name. Players control the protagonist, Cole, who drains electricity from his surroundings, much like Electro.

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This open-world sandbox features Cole’s quest across Empire City, where he makes his way through power lines and railroad tracks. Players have access to some choices by navigating the “good” and “evil” karma routes, but these don’t significantly affect the main plot points. The strength of the game lies in its strong core mechanics and solid traversal mechanics.

7/8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Fight enemies in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-The Cowabunga Collection

The ninja turtles are superheroes in their own right. The daring ninjas have graced the sewers of New York City for several decades, but one of their original arcade projects, turtles in time is one of the most famous arcade games of its time.

The game features waves upon waves of Footclan soldiers and villains that players must fight through alone or with a friend. The game also has solid mechanics, graphics and varied level design due to its time travel mechanics.

6/8 prototype


if Notorious was an MCU game back then prototype is his DCU compatriot. The game, released around the same time, follows Alex Mercer, a hero with shapeshifting abilities, as he traverses Manhattan trying to stop a virus outbreak.

prototype offers unique and exciting gameplay due to Mercer’s niche superpowers. Mercer has an absolutely massive arsenal of weapons and abilities for players to use. The story and characters are dark, intriguing, and well-crafted, and all in all it’s a very enjoyable experience.

5/8 Saints Row IV

Sacred Series 4 Cover Photo

Simply the dumbest entry on this list. Saints Row IV features an open-world sandbox in the style of GTA and minder, but it dials anything up to a hundred and operates in a pseudo-fantasy world where anything can happen. The game features a player-created character who will eventually be elected President of the United States.

Everything about the game is over the top and tongue in cheek, but it works very well. The dialogue is witty and humorous, and players have access to a variety of different moves and abilities to smash through their enemies at will.

4/8 Notorious: Second Son

Notorious second son

This sequel from 2014 packs a punch. It does everything Notorious did, but better. The game has solid graphics, visuals, designs, and gameplay across the board. This time, players will follow Delsin Rowe through a fictionalized version of Seattle. Unfortunately the karma system is making a return, it’s not fleshed out and is considered one of the weaker parts of the game.

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Notorious: Second Son features colourful, sophisticated graphics and vibrant environments. The environment is interactive and the game features a variety of different abilities and powers that Delsin can use. All in all it takes everything from the previous two games and improves on them, a must have for any fan of the superhero genre.

3/8 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars: Fallen Order of the Jedi

This game is basically an MCU trilogy condensed into an action-adventure RPG. Fallen Order lets players control a pseudo Jedi. Players have access to a variety of lightsabers, Force powers, gadgets and abilities, as well as platforming options to traverse multiple planets and aid Cal in his quest.

The story is light but captivating, in the style of Unexplored but in space. The gameplay is where Fallen Order but shines. It reminds of nioh and Sekiro: smooth, fast-paced and fun.

2/8 Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Ball Figurine Heart Cover Item no

Dragon Ball Fighter Z was a hit fighting game with stunning graphics and incredible animations. The character designs, special moves, and costumes were all fantastic. This game is a visual treat and any fan of the MCU would love it.

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Aside from the stunning graphics, the game boasts a massive cast dragon ball Characters, each with their own unique moves, designs, and transformations. The game is ridiculously deep and again has a fun single player campaign with Goku and his allies taking on Android 21. A colourful, exciting cast, the Z Fighters could rival any superhero heavyweight. The game is a must for fighting game and MCU fans.

1/8 Telltale: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead cutscene

This game is a must for comic fans. It’s one of the best choice-based storytelling games out there, with tons of intriguing characters for players to relate to. The story is fantastic, full of difficult decisions and heartbreaking moments.

The gameplay isn’t anything special, but the game is powered by its incredible story, where the players’ choices actually matter and come back to haunt the player. From Lee and Clementine to Kenny and everyone in between, the game is unforgettable and exciting, and players can’t resist coming back for more.

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