Games With Underrated World Maps

When gamers are asked what comes to mind when they talk about video game cards, it’s usually the large and innovative cards that stand out Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Autoand Assassin’s Creed are some of the names that come to mind. Of course, early innovations such as The Legend of Zelda, earthbound, Pokemonand final fantasy are other obvious choices.

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A playing card is not only great in its size, but also in the detail that it offers a title. The playing card itself is a character of its own. Its addition contributes to the style and world-building of a game title.


fifteen Legacy of Cain: Soul Reaver (1999)


soul stealer makes the list due to his unique use of his world map. Similar to Zelda: A Link to the Past, there is an alternate reality of the regular world map. Players would have to leave material and spectral planes to maneuver through the world as the vampire became the reaver, Raziel. This game has cult status for a reason.

Legacy of Cain: Soul Reaver uses its game map as an important part of the storyline and gameplay, which is great for players looking for something unique.

14 Jet Force Twins (1999)


A real insider tip for the Nintendo 64 is this science fiction masterpiece. While not a truly open map per se, there are several world maps similar to in Knights of the Old Republic, but on a much smaller scale. Not to mention, players had to revisit these worlds as different characters to complete different missions. The worlds and characters are truly unforgettable. The game lets players play as 3 different characters of a galactic police team in a shoot ’em up against giant insectoids who want to take over the galaxy.

13 Beyond the Oasis (1994)

Prince Ali

Though Sega has tried to do its fair share zelda Fakes, this had to be one of the best. It managed to stand out from the rest and had its own unique gameplay and setting. It used the better parts of the Sega Genesis graphics. The map and world in this title was rich and colorful. Similar camera dynamics were used A connection to the pastbut still managed to keep his own style.

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12 Pirates of the Caribbean / Sea Dogs II (2003)

umbilical battle

Imagine a fairly large pirate sandbox game that drew a lot of inspiration Sid Meier’s Pirates! Originally, this game was the second iteration of the seals game series. Following its US release, Disney took a marketing opportunity to rebrand it as part of their company Pirates of the Caribbean brand, and added an incredibly short opening narration by Keira Knightley, threw in the Black Pearl and some skeletons, and voilĂ .

It wasn’t the brief movie references that made this game a popular gaming cult classic. It was the big access to the map. The ability to survive storms and naval battles, be a scapegoat in foreign espionage, or just be pirates on an open map has been quite memorable for many players lucky enough to find and play this title.

11 Weapon (2005)

Colton White

Despite a lot of controversy and character portrayals in this game that really made players cringe, the game card cannot be overlooked. Before Red Dead Redemptionthere was pistol.

Much of the gameplay, like the fast-moving mechanics and map-making, helped inspire many of the elements used in the repayment games. It was one of the first modern Western maps to be truly open. This game also inspired Rockstar on what NOT to do with a western game.

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10 Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (2005)

Thaw Ice Skate Ranch

Explore and skate on the maps of the Tony Hawk Series is always a fun experience. But arguably the best title among fans is the most overlooked. It was overshadowed by THawks Underground only for the longest time. But this was the first fully open-ended Hawk game. Not only completely frankly, but most insistently and persuasively.

A gritty Hollywood and beyond is what players expect from the Falcon Games have been craving it again since its release. Not that realistic journey, but something more personal and immersive that still sticks to its arcade roots. This game had everything fans loved about the series and then some.

9 Willow (1989)

Willow gameplay

yes there was one pasture video game. Based on the 1988 film of the same name. Many early 90’s and 80’s kids may feel guilty about the difficulty of this title.

However, it managed to make the list due to its HUGE world map. Well, it wasn’t too big of a deal considering other playing cards of the time, but for a film-based video game, the amount of detail to scale was pretty impressive.

8th The Godfather (2006)

car tracking

The Godfather Video game hit shelves the same year as this scarface video game. scarface was a bit more popular back then and had a decent open world map of its own. But something about The Godfather just felt a little more immersive. Maybe because the scarface The game played out more as a “what if” scenario (ie what if Tony Montana survived the massacre at his massive drug storage facility) and The Godfather made you part of the actual story as one of the unsung members of the Corleone crime syndicate.

There was just something more to it. The game also featured a large number of companies and territories to take over, and most of these were fairly optional. But it made the player feel like they were a bigger part of the story and environment. Although the story missions were few and linear, the world and map allowed for a lot of exploration. Not to mention the players who felt part of Francis Ford Coppola’s New York 1945-55.

7 Dead Rising (2006)

Frank West

The world map… is a mall! Only have one true Dawn of the Dead-Zombie-inspired experience with over-the-top parodies and depictions of consumer capitalism and zombies and it’s quite impressive that it’s its own thing.

Players can optimally interact with this card. It featured timed zombie planning and killing with everything a player happened to come across in the mall. The game map was easily accessible but presented unique obstacles that required strategy. It wasn’t the biggest card, but it was definitely well thought out.

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6 Lego The Lord of the Rings (2012)

lego lotr

As far as Lord of the Rings and open cards go that Shadow of Mordor Series comes to mind immediately. Players and fans alike are absolutely right about the amazing visuals and scope of the experience mordor. Also, previous games based on the movies and the spin-off series such as The Third Age, did a brilliant job of immersing fans of the series into Middle-earth back then. However, a card that had EVERYTHING went a bit under the radar. What about the rest of Middle-earth?

Fans of Lego games will mention the amazing open world of Lego wonder etc., and they are not wrong. However, many forget that Lego created an entire world map of Middle-earth; sure, that wasn’t it Cause 3 only in scope, but it was pretty impressive for the time and for Lego. There were still many maps to explore and characters to collect after completing the game, and it was easily one of their best maps. fans of Lord of the Rings or Lego should definitely add this one to their collection.

5 Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)

Venom & Spider-Man

Shortly after the beloved Spiderman 2 video game was released, this excellent game followed in its shadow. Imagine Spiderman 2, but with better graphics and action. The beautiful cell colored visuals and playing as Spidey and Venom through the streets of New York City was a real treat.

The map was quite large and encouraged exploration, and for the time it was a beautifully rendered game map that really deserved more love.

4 Sunset Overdrive (2014)

Sunset Overdrive cover poster

This gem is if crazy max, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, jet set radio, and an Edgar Wright film were thrown together in a blender. It’s the best kind of madness and there’s 100% punk rock apocalypse vibes. The map is fun and full of madness.

Sunset overdrive was only released on PC and Xbox One so many gamers missed it and at the same time only Microsoft users are really more aware of this wonderful title.

3 Outer Worlds (2019)

the unreliable

Outer Worlds is still kind of “new”, but it still gets a little overlooked in the realm of modern gaming, with many other notable titles coming out around the same time. What’s great about the open-world game map is the dark humor and wonderfully over-the-top retro and futuristic color palettes.

Seeing nostalgic graphics inspired by 1950s retro-futurism and mid-century hypermodernity in a future dystopian setting feels pretty appropriate, to say the least. It’s a fascinating look at the past, present and supposed future of capitalism.

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2 Bully (2006)

Jimmy Hopkins

The world map, the music, the story, and the fun of high school stereotypes are just a few of the draws in this overlooked rock star classic. Even if his map wasn’t as big as Grand Theft Auto, the world map available is incredibly memorable. Imagine a New England town you see in college movies with a trashy Ivy League high school, and there’s just something so charming about it.

The game was loved when it was released and it just never gets boring. In a way, it’s one of the most entertaining yet relaxing open worlds Rockstar has ever released. The game and the map just have so many levels to flip through with joy.

1 Sky of Arcadia (2000)

Vyse, Aika, Fina

JRPGs from the early 2000s had some of the best world maps. Dragoon Legend is a popular favorite and example, as well chrono cross and Final Fantasy 7-10. Although these titles have had their own rebirths on next-gen consoles of different types, Sky of Arcadia something has been overlooked. Although it has its cult following, the last reboot was on the Nintendo Gamecube. The original Dreamcast title is already a rarity, but the reboot is an expensive proposition.

The game went somewhat unnoticed when it was first released on the Sega Dreamcast, mainly because it competed against Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s N64. The whole concept of the game revolved around map exploration. It was the entire premise. The card was also unforgettable.

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